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Follow Me Boys Craig by far. James Corden I don't care for. She was also in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and....The Other Sister. Juliette Lewis was the It’s not necessarily nostalgic for the early 60s, but nostalgic for the time in persons life where they can run around with their friends and be kids, where their biggest worry wasn’t a big worry at all. Many actors and actresses lead creepy lifestyles, even the most beloved. Sounds gross. Preach. Hollywood is just trying to screw up kids. It has nothing to do with goodwill. Ehh covid schmovid. They probably nominated: small time actor in a smaller but artsy movie, big time actor who played a victim or social outcast (Tom Hanks in Philly story) and a past his prime actor who’d never won so they gave him a mercy nom. Knowing Rudy was a good guy and would be okay wherever he ended up, the teacher probably just thought he’d be straight up with Rudy. Some teachers forget to use constructive criticism when teaching. Coulda told Rudy to go to juco or something, but it was a different time where most people weren’t expected to go to college. But Rudy needed to be put on blast. I think the real Rudy did say he was lazy and needed a wake up call. Even though he was dyslexic, he didn’t help out his case by not working harder in high school. View all replies >