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“Lois” Love that guy. Takes himself so seriously. Yes Jack Klompus! I couldn’t think of his name. Granted, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched the Bale/Nolan pics, but I thought Bale was a fine Wayne. Pretty straight forward; funny, but in a smooth, suave way. Idk if he ever said the wrong thing. My favorite Wayne is Keaton, who has more of an oddball likability I enjoy. He’s still suave, but strange enough to not seem perfect. I thought Kevin Conroy played an imperfect Wayne as well, on The Animated Series. He tended to play a social misfit at times. I remember seeing this when I was in 8th grade and thinking that it was cool he quoting John Lennon to me. I don’t know about the first movie I saw that broke the 4th wall, but Saved By the Bell was probably the first TV show I saw that did so. Oh yeah I forgot about that. Man there are many people in Quick and the Dead. I don’t think the scene’s intent is to bash people who are gay, so I’d say it’s fine. Even if it is poking fun of gay people, it’s in fun and is based on some truth. I think some gay people would think it was funny if released today, and some would take offense. Well and Jesus Christ probably wasn’t white with blue eyes and long straight brown hair. It’s all marketing. That’s a good question I’ve never thought of. I could see it going either way. I think you’d have to put yourself in the shoes of Atticus, and determine whether he was telling Scout the truth. Atticus would know if Tom tried to escape. So, if he did, that’s that. But if he didn’t try to escape, then would Atticus lie and say he did? He just doesn’t seem like the person that would do that. Yeah he may not be a tremendous actor, but I thought this was about the same performance that he usually has, and I think it fit the character. View all replies >