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But 4 showed it was possible for the boy to forget the pictures under those circumstances. The audience has to suspend their disbelief throughout the movie, not only to go along with the plot, but to also remember that everything 8 is saying is possible. And if it’s possible, then nothing can be proven beyond all reasonable doubt. You’re getting your jurors mixed up. 3 was the one with the son. I think 10, the racist, changed his vote because he realized the last piece of evidence, the female witness, was shaky after the bit about the glasses. His racist monologue was his last desperate chance at an argument for guilty. Once that didn’t work, he had nothing to back his racist “guilty” vote. On Dinner For Five, Burt Reynolds talks about how the scene did affect Beatys psyche a little bit. Burt tells a story about how he persuaded Ned to try and get over the experience by taking a trip down the river again, with a guide and all. Of course the guide, when they approach the location of the rape scene, points out to the whole tour, “that’s where Ned Beatty was raped in the movie Deliverance!” Lol. Never thought of it before, but I think he was a family man, but his kids were probably grown. I could tell that he didn’t really like being the mean principal, but he just had a bad attitude and had long run out of patience. It’s a good movie, but not a perfect one. Maybe you’re not the target audience. I liked Creed a lot and definitely think it’s one of the best Rocky movies, even up there with the first one. But last time I watched it I thought parts of it felt forced, like Donny and his girlfriend both had this bad attitude that was sort of off putting. Yeah I agree. I usually don’t pay too much attention to the score, but hearing the main theme 5 times in the first 20 minutes was ridiculous. Plus he had a broken arm. There’s not much chance he could’ve done anything to help his situation. He was manipulative and I hated every second he was on screen. She’s just that friend Anita has yet to get rid of. View all replies >