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You just come across as extremely condescending, rude and stupid. Thought I would treat you similarly to how you treated me. nope Exorcist would have been ruined, just like Clockwork Orange. Fuck that idiot It was comparable to a Disney Original Movie. I stopped watching Black Mirror after seeing this train wreck of an episode. I care how dumb you're post is, but I don't care that you follow big true crime stories. You sound like an idiot so what, who cares I agree that there are some directors out there, probably even a majority, that are looking to do as you said. I don't believe that EVERY director has a sinister agenda though. I also disagree with when you say that nudity and sexuality have no place in movies. Movies are an art form and we can compare them to classical paintings if you wish. Did Michaelangelo really HAVE to show a person naked? By your reasoning no. There are plenty of movies where nudity and sex are exploitative and entertainment. That's a staple of an entire genre, horror. A majority of action movies as well. However, nudity and sex CAN show character development, personality, mood, all of that stuff. If you disagree that it can't be done I don't think you can be reasoned with. And by the way, before you throw a bunch of insults at someone, you may want to learn the correct usage of "you're." If you don't you just sound like an idiot. I think it was used to show vulnerability and sexuality at the same time. Sometimes movies try to convey parts of life that require nudity. You're just too stupid to realize that. Also, when couldn't kids handle seeing a bare ass? They know what butts look like. In Splash, it wasn't overtly sexual or anything. Just someone's butt for 1 sec. I think a kid can handle that better than a kissing scene. Totally agree. yep View all replies >