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Elliot Page has 'massive explosion of creativity' after coming out as transgender Imperium Waste of Resources Uninspired So Apu is offensive, but the other characters are not? Say Her Name: Elliot Page Says His Top Surgery Was 'Not Only Life-Changing But Lifesaving' How is it not a mental illness? Elliot Roger Cameo/Reference Why? View all posts >


lmao "informed scholars of cinema" cringe mmMmmm It's his best. His later movies are self-absorbed trash YES! Thanks! Agreed do you not know what a remake is? In the trial, an EMT testified that he tested for a pulse while Floyd was still pinned down. The EMT told Chauvin who then remained on top of Floyd for an additional 2 minutes. Why was that necessary? Watch the trial. It clearly wasn't an overdose View all replies >