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Is Jeffrey Epstein getting raped as we speak? The irony of trump supporters. Why Trump’s taxes must be reviewed. How will Russian election interference play out in 2020? HRC WaPo Opinion on Impeaching Please send Catbookss good vibes to get the 3 acre place! AT&T spam on this site. The Understudy View all posts >


Applause 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾 And fwiw I have nothing against people with mental disabilities nor against people who COLLECT DISABILITY for mental disabilities. If you need it you need it. That’s what it’s there for. Just don’t sit around on your government check putting down what you love to call BIG GOVERNMENT. It’s absurd. Some are probably not Russian but working for them on all the sites. Wonder how they find the work. Oh, the hypocrisy of collecting mental Disability checks and working under the table for Russians to bash BIG GOVERNMENT. LMAO It’s TREASON. So it’s true; you’re on Disability. Enjoy the FREE STUFF. That wasn’t a random attack but an educated guess because it couldn’t be more obvious. As for ad hominem attacks: give us all a break. Every comment you post contains at LEAST one. I haven’t been following closely but I was under the impression that it’s been firmly established that the Russian trolls are out in full force. The economy is booming for whom? Who got tax cuts? You don’t cite stats because they’d disprove your argument that life is grand for the average person with trump as president. I’d wager a month’s wages that you’re collecting some sort of BIG GOVERNMENT welfare handout, probably social security for a psychological disability. No. You didn’t. Still no answer. Figures. If you like trillions of dollars in tax cuts for billionaires, vote Republican. They LOVE taking everything you have and keeping your loyalty by feeding your ignorant views. You didn't answer the question. Cutting taxes... LMAO. For whom did he cut taxes?? hmmmm...? View all replies >