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The irony of trump supporters.

Trump supporters are scared shitless of Latin American immigrants turning the USA into a third world toilet, yet that’s exactly what trump is doing with all of the self enriching corruption of him and his appointed cronies.


Trump's support among Hispanics and Latinos is real. Don't assume it ... - Traducir esta página
5 mar. 2019 - According to demographers Ruy Teixeira, Rob Griffin and John Halpin, Trump won 29 percent of the Latino vote against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

based on your reasoning, even the latinos don't want the latinos here. must be a reason....


You missed the gist.


Nevertheless, 69% of Latinos voted for Clinton. 73% of Hispanic women voted Democrat. Also, Cubans tend to Republican. In 2020, he'll unlikely get 29% after he placed young Hispanic children in cages.


Por lo visto hablas español, por eso te contestaré en español, los latinos siempre votarán por los democratas, por qué¿ porque el partido democrata es el partido de hundir a estados unidos con los latinos, para comprar votos. pero preguntate una cosa, muchisimos latinos votaron por trump, aunque la prensa media vendía una imagen de trump asi? por qué¿ pues es que hay cubanos que ya creen que estados unidos va por el mismo camino que cuba, van dandose cuenta de las politicas de alguien como bernie. no quieren vivir así. pero también existe una mentalidad "yo no tengo muchas ganas de pagar un montón de impuestos para pagar por alguien que no puede cruzar la frontera legalmente como yo"

los latinos no quieren hundir a su país con más latinos, sabiendo que no son capaces de montar sociedades sin narcos, drogas, caos y dictadores baratos... y cada vez el partido democrata es el partido de los dictadores baratos...


One thing you wrote makes no sense. California, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming were Mexico. Those Mexicans didn't come to the United States. A large part of Mexico became the United States and the Mexican citizens living there automatically became American citizens.

Puerto Rico was a part of Spain and they became citizens with the American annexation of the island. I'm assuming something similar happened to Spaniards living in Florida.

A second thing you wrote that makes no sense has to do with Cubans. You're implying that Cubans applied for immigration from Cuba. Not true! Cubans have a very long history of getting into a boat and seeking asylum by crossing into American territory. American policy was to allow them to stay if they made it to land. Meanwhile, Haitians and Dominicans doing the same thing were sent back. That policy has ended and now Cubans are crossing the Mexican border too!

BTW, when I worked in Immigration, unlike other immigrants, Mariel Cuban criminals were never deported after they served their prison sentence. They were sent to a Louisiana detention center.

Some of the other things you wrote about consequences of too many Hispanics in the country is just fear-mongering. People come here to work.

I disagree with you about why Hispanics (or anyone) vote for Democrats. Why vote for a party that is cruel, exploits fear and hate, and helps only the rich? Babies in cages, imprisoning pregnant rape victims, demonizing people based on race, religion and ethnicity, supporting neo-Nazis? No thanks.


it only makes no sense to you because you're brainwashed. you even end your rant with "neo nazis" if you've missed every single point in what u've just said, good points, realistic points, either because you can't grasp it, or it's too much truth for you. more and more latinos are sick of paying high taxes to support the ones who can't enter LEGALLY, why should they? cubans voted for trump because they saw their country (america) going down the same route as the shithole they left. with barry and hillary, these are facts i know keelai, i know as a liberal you want these latinos all for yourself eh?! scaring them, telling them trump is hitler, have them living in ghettos, in conditions just like in their former countries, just to get votes!

you did it with blacks, what did LBJ say? "i'll have these n---gers voting democrat for 400 years" ?!?! ply them with free shit, create a dependence, make them believe they are victims and there you go right!?

you're scared, you're terrified, because the tide is turning and people arent buying your shit anymore. trump beat you at your own game. hahahahaha and i love watching it baby


It makes no sense for you to say "they are coming" when millions were always here since part of the U.S. was Mexico or belonged to Spain.

"neo nazis"
Trump's "very fine people"

"who can't enter LEGALLY"
Asking for asylum is legal under both Federal and international law.

8 U.S. Code §1158 (a)(1) Authority to apply for asylum
Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to the United States after having been interdicted in international or United States waters), irrespective of such alien’s status, may apply for asylum in accordance with this section or, where applicable, section 1225(b) of this title.

"the shithole"
You sound like you're the one brainwashed since you're repeating Trump's bigoted language.

"these are facts i know"
Just your opinion.

"free shit"
And now you stereotype. Most people receiving "free shit" are white. Did you have a problem with billionaires and multi-millionaires receiving a huge tax cut paid for by the middle-class?

"you're scared, you're terrified"
Not really.

I believe you're the one terrified since Trump has successfully manipulated you into believing the boogeyman Hispanics are "invading". It's a divide and conquer tactic. Working-class whites, blacks and Hispanics actually have a great deal in common. But, the rich (Trump and his rich donors) use fear and hatred to divide and scapegoat while they take from the poor and give to themselves. They are already planning another tax cut for the rich.


the liberal game is to flood america, tell these people they have an enemy, give them basic stuff, free foodstamps, whatever, create a dependency, and theres where your votes come from. you did with the blacks too. it's very appealing to the low IQ voter who is happy living like that. (your core base) thats why community organizers are so good, they create more poverty and futher implement a victim mentality.

people are starting to see thru all this, blacks are, and you've called them "uncle toms", latinos are starting to do it too, women are. gays are... you have them like pets, you create a problem the offer a solution, thats marxism 101. how you treat these minorites, is how hitler treated the germans.

he created a fake boogey man that wasnt there, the jews, like you are doing with trump. but people are starting to see thru this, thru identity politics and they just want to be free. especially economically.

i have no problem with tax cuts for the rich, if the rich pay less taxes, they open more business' and thats great for jobs. i don't wanna fúck them, just because you're jealous of success.

the tide is turning. and you know it is.


"Asking for asylum is legal under both Federal and international law. "

being an economic migrant isn't a reason for asylum. i've lived in latin america, thats why i speak spanish,these people aren't escaping wars, there is no war, not even drug wars (which affect the average citizen day to day) they are coming to improve their financial situation, that doesn't give them refugee status you loon!


"The vast majority of asylum seekers in the US are from the “Northern Triangle”—Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Many are escaping political instability, gang violence, and drug trafficking. It’s during the credible fear interviews that applicants have to recount the trauma they’ve experienced and persecution they are fleeing. Applicants who pass this screening then get a chance to make their case in immigration court. Applicants who do not pass the screening are at risk of deportation."

Most granted asylum come from China at 36%. Next is El Salvador at 8.6%.


according to you, theres political instability in america with trump, there is gang violence in detroit, miami is the drug capital of the world HAHAHAHAHA lets see how it would work if lets say we americans tried to get ayslum in mmmmm italy?!!?

hahahahaha it would be hilarious if someone like you didn't cancel out my vote. look i'm all for helping people. but..

1. these people arent asylum seekers, yazidi women gang raped by the islamic state are.

2. you want to flood america with these people just for votes, i know it, and someone like bernie knows it.

grow up


"according to you, theres political instability in america with trump, there is gang violence in detroit, miami is the drug capital of the world"

Nope. I never wrote or said any of those things. That sounds like Trump fear-mongering. Crime has been coming down in the U.S. for years. Democracy is still strong.

"yazidi women gang raped by the islamic state"
Trump banned yazidi women gang raped from entering the U.S. by his Muslim ban.

"you want to flood america with these people just for votes'

Not needed. Trump and cowardly Republican politicians have decimated the Republican Party by themselves. Many Republicans in my state voted Democrat or didn't vote. Most people are decent and don't like to see children being maltreated, neo-Nazis marching in American streets or worshipers being massacred in Houses of Worship.


if you want trump impeached (yes you do) then there would be deep instability here

some america cities are more dangerous than latin american ones

and as for drugs miami is the drug capital of the world

these are 3 problems you claim makes someone a candidate for asylum. so if i tried that in france how would it work?! "i want asylum because i can't go to a ihob without seeing gangbangers"

you know it's a stupid argument, but you depend on people not knowing whats really going on in latin america. and to end every post with "neo nazi" shows you're mentally ill. try using facts, not over used boring cliches.


Celebrating Trump's win:

Trump praised them:
If the shoe fits...

"if you want trump impeached (yes you do)"
You must feel very entitled to tell a perfect stranger their own thoughts.

"miami is the drug capital of the world"
No it's not. Interestingly, a lot of the high drug usage states are red ones. It must be all that winning from Trump drastically improving their lives with those high-paying factory jobs. How many farmers are on food stamps thanks to Trump's tariff war?

"these are 3 problems you claim makes someone a candidate for asylum."
Are you admitting that Trump has done nothing for the past 2 1/2 years and is incompetent? I agree with that! He tweets to deflect from his failures.

"if i tried that in france how would it work?"
Don't you prefer Russia or North Korea where Trump enjoys happy relations with their dictators? Edward Snowden had no problem getting asylum in Russia. I suggest you go there. Please!!!!!!!!!


avoiding and missing the point yet again you loon. gang problems, poverty and political instability aren't reasons for asylum.


Are you still in the U.S.?

You don't know anything about immigration law. I suggest you learn before applying for asylum in Russia.


lmao! 👍


1 in 4. That's great.


Tu tienes no ocurrencia que tu estas hablando.


"El 62,8 % de hispanos planea votar por el candidato demócrata en las elecciones de noviembre de 2020, mientras que el 18,6 % señala que lo hará por el presidente Donald Trump, según una encuesta publicada este jueves por la cadena Univisión.

El estudio, el primero hecho a nivel nacional entre votantes hispanos con miras a los próximos comicios presidenciales, refleja que el 18,7 % de hispanos aun no tiene decidido su voto, un cifra entendible habida cuenta de los más de 20 aspirantes demócratas a la nominación de su partido.

El sondeo efectuado entre votantes de Florida por la Universidad de Quinnipiac refleja que en una eventual carrera entre Trump y el exvicepresidente Joe Biden, el republicano se sitúa 9 puntos porcentuales por debajo (41 % frente a 50 %)."


Strongest economy in half a century. Record low unemployment. Statistical full employment. As opposed to Obama’s record high 95,000,000 under employed. As opposed to Obama’s record high number of people on food stamps.

People should stay home and fix their own countries. That’s where they want to live. Not here.

Give Trump the constitution, capitalism, and the military, and in 2 years South American countries would look like Vegas.

Instead they’re purposely kept s holes by utilizing the same socialist policies the democrat party wants to impose on Americans.


Strongest economy for the Richie Richie’s.

Record low of people collecting Unemployment because the Unemployed people’s benefits ran out but they still don’t have jobs.

People with JOBS collecting Welfare and Food Stamps because wages are so low and rents are so HIGH.

Get a clue Thrillhouse. We all know you collect Crazy Money Benefits from the government.

Don’t worry. Bernie loves you. He won’t take away your CRAZY MONEY.


We are a nation of immigrants! The people who first set foot here were fleeing prosecution. Why is everybody so afraid of Latin American immigrants. My state California is very diverse with probably something like 40% Latino. I have several neighbors who are from Peru, Brazil, Mexico, etc. I don't have a problem with that.


cali is now a shithole... overrun with criminals and homeless everywhere, syringes and shit all over the sidewalks :-(


Homelessness is a problem in every big city. But here in SF it's a lot better than it used to be when the city cleaned up the blight on 6th street and the Tenderloin district a couple years back.

You've been watching too much propaganda TV.


"You've been watching too much propaganda TV."

you mean like CNN?

no, i don't watch TV....... only non mainstream news on various internet sites


Nope, like the OAN channel you're a big fan of.

You've clearly never been to California to describe it the way you did.


You need to travel. Most people complaining about immigrants live in homogeneous places with little or no immigration and imagine a boogeyman who doesn't exist.


so the millions of europeans affected by the muslim migrant invasion, is complaining about a boogeyman that does not exist!?..... wow, you truly are a terrible person, completely ignoring the suffering of those people.


The overwhelming majority of Europeans don't go to church and many are atheists but they are complaining about Muslims who practice their Faith. What irony!


Tom8, not where I live.


We were also a nation of slave owners at one point, but we realized as the world moved forward that some things aren't the best way to do things, so we changed it.


Nation of slave owners. Do you know exactly how many people own slaves in this country? Only the rich, like less than 20% of the South owned slaves.


"Only the rich"

That's not true. The 1860 census showed that an average of more than 32% of whites owned slaves. Small farmers had slaves as did middle-income families in the cities.

Some states had more slave owners (46 percent in South Carolina, 49 percent in Mississippi) while some had far less (20 percent in Arkansas).

Most slave owners had 1-5 slaves.


You made my point. How can it be a nation of slave owners when half the country didn't have slaves, and less than 1/3 of that half allowed slavery actually did?


The entire country benefited from slavery. The U.S. was built on the backs and blood of enslaved blacks. Don't play semantics.


God you're ignorant. Six of the seven primary Founding Fathers including 12 of the first 14 US presidents owned slaves. The exceptions were the very principled 2nd and 6th US presidents (John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams) respectively. Eight of the original 13 colonies became slave states upon the ratification of the Constitution in 1788.


Ask Robert O'Rourke (beto)what job he can get in El Paso when he drops out running for president.Over 85% latino he won't get a job as dog catcher. But he did bank some money running for office so he will never have to work again.


"Over 85% latino"

Why are you obsessed with the ethnicity of Americans? We are all Americans and equal. You should put the identity politics aside and celebrate being American, the land of immigrants.

E pluribus unum
Out of many, one
The Founding Fathers call for unity. The United States of America. UNITED!!!!

Don't be a hater!


It has been awhile since I have been to El Paso. I just know my neighborhood the only thing such as store signs is in Spanish. Just the street signs in English. Though on the other side of town all the signs is in English.


El Paso was in Mexico. Why are you surprised that signs are in the original European language?