Borat (47)


Jukka from the dudesons is in this movie Comedy Gold 10/10 wow another dumb superhero movie... Bumpstock Ban!?!!? My favorite james bond film should have done it with borat Legendary show!1 too many dumb super hero movies... Social justice stricks again! Wowwawwiwa what a great film!! View all posts >


why cant black people just take a joke... true you are a dumb sheep, TimMC is stating facts. hitlery laughing bout gadaffis anal knife attack was recorded on video and can be easily watched (if u look for it, wont be played on the mainstream news) You are the nutt for thinking that nasty woman is anything short of satan... trump sucks but hitlery would have been worse than satan... (((HOLLYWOOD))) this movie was great, stop being a sissy Trump might be a democrat asshole taking our bumpstocks away but at least he isn't hitlery. I couldn't imagine living in a world with that evil person as president trump is funny as hell. if u cant see that u have no sense of humor and probably hate life just because nobody calls it jaws doesnt mean that jaws isnt the sharks name specially retarded View all replies >