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wowwaawiwwa she is very sexy!! Best James Bond what a great show this was a fucking great film!! Why does she hate white dudes so much?? probably related to the real thomas jefferson? wowwwowwaawiiiwwaaaaa!!! the dui is gonna hurt this dude Never watched him much until he got banned of youtube and stuff View all posts >


I always loved this movie as a kid. Its a classic if u ask me. i gotta watch it again skate or die!!! Mmmmhhhh I wonder why the Koreans are rascist... [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCYT9Hew9ZU[/url] The cops left right after the gun fight started. Thank the lord for the 2nd Amendment! Only thing that kept these Koreans and their businesses safe during the anarchy of 1992 riotz shallow and petty???!?!?1 what?1!?!!!!! how dare u call me that!!! this bozo pandering with a skateboard is everything opposite of what skating is and what it represents. this guy is such a fucking tool. He should go back to committing burglary and DUIs like a real g and stay the hell away from a skateboard Lol i searched the skating video is cringy as fuck. he is like a 5 year old making whhoooosseee noises and stuff while cruizing at a solid 2.5 miles an hour. just going around aimlessly in a crowded burger joint parking lot. if your gonna skate to show the kiddos ur a real dude bro at least be halfway rad about it. this bozo is such a poser... [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwizfmPNrH8[/url] Stacy's mom got it going on! wowza she does have very nice bobs While McCain was dropping napalm bombs on villages lighting living kiddos on fire, Trump dodged the draft so he could stay home and sleep with the soldiers girlfriends. Not the biggest fan of Trump but i got much more love for that bozo than the war criminal McCain obuma years was horribibbile. poor people without health insurance getting scammed out of there money with more fines and taxes, obumaphonez for welfare recipiets on the taxpayers dime [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax-2i71bqGw[/url], lets not forget that he was married to a tranny, mike obuma was actually the first man in those years... those were some bad days.. View all replies >