Borat (616)


wowwwowwaawiiiwwaaaaa!!! the dui is gonna hurt this dude Never watched him much until he got banned of youtube and stuff Looks interesting shieeet i forgot bout this movie man this was a classic if i remember rightly She is a fatty bumblattie!! who honestly cares?? this movie was fucking badass the first time i saw it movies kinda suck now View all posts >


Watching it now. As usual Arnold is awesome and Jim Belushi kinda sucks wish they had some other bozo playing that part very nice!!! these days people expect a tip. thats why i dont like to tip yeah i saw the documentary about this. it was pretty boring but ight. this might be a better movie but i have not seen it yet she looks ight. not a great actor tho tru that naw he is pretty shite. never heard of his ass before this fiasco who cares if her daughter didnt like school? i didnt want to attend college either but i went because my dad was paying and it was the "thing" to do back then. school is mostly a scam these days unless u are going for a doctor degree or something science or engineering related. her daughter is cool as fuck doing her own thing on youtube and stuff she doesnt even need school she gonna be fine with or without that useless degree Pepe isnt gay!! The frogs in real life are gay! Alex Jones is right!!>@!!! thats sick u depraved fuck! Ur probably a gay frog urself!! View all replies >