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At the end where narrator Gordie tells what happens to each of the characters, I'm surprised Gordie and Vern didn't keep in close touch, especially since Gordie literally saved Vern's life on the train tracks. Regarding the film version, I'm not quite so sure. I wouldn't mess with Gordie. He has that gun and can use it at any time. While he can't carry it all the time, if Ace did something bad to him, he could use it at a later time against him. I know it's Chris' family's gun, but I'm sure Gordie could get access, if he already didn't hang on to it. He should have been caught after he killed the cab driver. He was seen walking the street by 2 police officers, but they drove by because the AP bulletin said it was a Black guy who did it. Zodiac even wrote a note how he saw the cops and also later that night he was hiding out in a park and could hear the cops revving their motorcycle engines trying to have fun instead of looking for him in the park where he acknowledeged he would have been caught. Sorry, but I have a hard time believing someone as strong-willed as her would let herself basically get extorted by anybody, let alone someone so socially awkward. Is it implied that they went all the way, or maybe stopped short? He did say he wanted to do things that she wouldn't let him. Either way, whether she heard him or it was in his head, he perceived her response to be rude, hence his anger. I thought the ending felt right for the satirical nature of the film. Only thing that I felt was over the top was the screen text about what happened to the characters. I know that is satirical too, but there is no way Otto survives falling from a plane wing at 100mph lol, let alone recovers being run over by a steamroller in a cement patch. Thanks for that Vastuntitled! Your responses are really educational and I appreciate it. While I'm a tennis player, I've been a fan of the Rocky series since I was born basically. The first movie I ever saw in a theater was Rocky 4, when I was 4 or 5. All the blood really freaked me out haha. In real boxing, I've always been a Tyson fan ever his NES video game in the 80s. There was a little motivational note from him to us kids inside each game cartridge along with the instruction manual, so I really thought that was cool. I remember watching ESPN when he lost to Buster Douglas in 1990 and they had a scroll on the bottom that said he was upset. I couldn't believe it. I don't follow boxing much nowadays, but always watch the Rocky movies when they are on. This aside, it looks like Rocky is still staggering to his feet when the referee counts 10. It seems to me, at least in modern boxing, that the fighter has to be established on his feet to get that extra second, so in this it wouldn't be until a second or 2 after the referee counts 10. Not sure what the counts were like in the 70s, and if this would be more likely to pass in that era. Things were slower in general until the beginning of the 90s. There weren't cellphones, and processes were just slower in general. Being a boxing match, you would think there is an ambulance on site, but maybe to coordinate everything just took so much time. It was the 2nd sequel, and Mickey needed to die. They needed to switch to a more serious angle, and it worked perfectly. View all replies >