greenbudgie's Replies

I think MST kept to a PG friendly output when the second presenter took over. Even though the younger audience may not have got a lot of the riff-jokes, they will have loved it for it's craziness. It's a pity Ed Wood Jr had to turn to porn. Even though his movies are rubbished by just about everybody, he had quick lively imagination that turned out entertainment. I would have liked Robert Webber to have had more leading roles even if they had been B-movies. I had the feeling all along that his character really did have amnesia. Talking Pictures show a lot of Renown releases. ***SLIGHT SPOILER*** Yes. The magic eye which she finds at the end are mass-produced. Other screen housekeepers have been devoted to their mistress over the years. Very often they double as companions which creates such affection that the housekeeper shows. Diana Rigg did play a liberated woman of that period and I think she should have carried a brolly as a ladies' weapon of the time. She did look and sound like Mary Poppins so perhaps she should have given the other woman a stern lecture or a spoonful of nasty medicine to take. Laurel and Hardy shared a double bed in a lot of their films. Something that a lot of husband and wives were not allowed to be seen sharing on screen at that time. I was wondering if this movie was catching onto the Adam West and Burt Ward versions of Batman and Robin in that parade. Or whether it was from the 1940s by sheer coincidence close to the West & Ward revival of the characters? Her legs looked really good in this. Her ringmaster's costume showed them off perfectly. Another 1960s movie to use Billy Smart's Circus was Christopher Lee's 'Circus of Fear' in 1966. I think 'Berserk' has got the best circus scenes of the three films. Watching this was the first time I discovered Blackie was an ex-jewel thief like the Lone Wolf in the other Columbia series. I didn't think I'd ever get to see Boris Karloff playing Jonathan Brewster but a fortnight ago I did see him in the 1962 TV Movie version. A shocking print of the movie but it was still good to see Boris playing the character. Perhaps not exactly lying. But she did scheme to get herself away from her complicated life. After watching this, the next Fritz Lang movie I saw was 'Human Desire' (1954). I enjoyed it especially Gloria Grahame as the femme fatale. I agree that it looks as though this was meant to be an attempt to stop the flow of what was being said in the court hearing at the time. I wouldn't be surprised if this movie was the first to high five. It seems quite innovative in some ways the way it portrayed characters. He was one of the most meanest villains in films. This is the second movie I've seen him in this week along with 'The Young Savages.' I was wondering about his slurred speech. His teeth looked different than they usually do. I wondered if he was meant to be playing a character who had his mouth bashed about at some point which had left him with that type of speech. One of the other gang members is shown with a bloody mouth with most of his front teeth missing. Bus driving wasn't his job in this film and it wasn't a bus he was driving at anytime in it as far as I could tell. He was still using his early Anthony Curtis screen name at this time.