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What? Just the one? I bet she's feeling high tonight at Number One. Good for Brenda. Oh no. Was Brenda Under the influence? Rear Window is my preference. The storytelling is so much smoother. Psycho is a bit too jagged for my taste. I've just watched it on You Tube. I seem to remember seeing this before somewhere on UK TV. Paul Lukas is up to his usual villainy. He's the only actor I know in this movie. I'm going to watch this one again just to tie up a few loose ends I didn't get. The plot is a bit complicated but it's an enjoyable movie. Just before this was filmed the story had been made with Canadian actors. Spoken in French it was called 'The Fortress.' I'm glad they made this English version using the same locations. The Montmorency Falls locale is atmospheric. Pity they haven't been used in films more often. The hotel manager (Ellen Corby) may not have noticed her eccentric guest Miss Valdes coming into the hotel. Ellen Corby herself appears from nowhere when her voice is suddenly heard in what seems like an empty reception lobby. I don't know if that's a duster in her hand. I always think she has been doing a bit of cleaning below the reception counter. If she had been, she may well not have seen her guest, who moves like a ghost, come into the hotel. I like the fight between Wolf Man and Dracula especially over the bed trolley Lou Costello is on. I always envisage them running amok in a hospital with several bed trolleys. Or even a morgue. I never tire of thunder and lightning in horror movies. It was essential in the original Frankenstein of course. Perhaps that film started the trend. Nothing sets up the anticipation like a storm clattering around old castle or spooky mansion. It's like a thrill that hugs me every time. I agree with the way you've put it. 'The Barefoot Contessa' begins with Ava Gardner's funeral so we know she's going to die from the opening scene. What lead to her death is what draws us into the movie. The same can be said for William Holden in this one. Films told in flashback have to give us a reveal at the beginning. View all replies >