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Anybody in the UK interested in movies like this can catch them on Sony Movies in the mornings. This one was on yesterday. I have this one in 3rd place on my best noir list. Behind 'Double Indemnity' and 'The Third Man.' I think Mongoram wanted to move onto the Charlie Chan series. They only made one more Mr Wong movie in 1940. That was 'Phantom Of Chinatown.' Chinese actor Keye Luke played Mr Wong in that. I've got Karloff's 'The Ape' and two of his Wong movies on a triple bill DVD including this movie. Just a BTW. I thought I recognised one of the newsboys at the beginning of 'Doomed To Die' was the same actor who played the mute dwarf in 'Mr Wong In Chinatown.' I've just checked it up and it is him. He is Angelo Rossitto. The screenplay by Scott Darling for both movies are just about identical. I liked his writing for the first three Mr Wong movies. It is true that it's more obvious that the two are dating in 'Mr Wong In Chinatown.' There are clues in 'The Final Hour' too. The only time that Street is tender to Bobbie is when she faints towards the of this movie. At other times in all three of the Mr Wong movies together, Street treats Bobbie as a nuisance. He had even had her handcuffed her to a chair in 'Chinatown.' I think that Hitchcock's experiment of a no musical score film works for 'The Birds. The children singing a simple song while Melanie sat apprehensively outside the school was the only music needed. Hermann could not have built the tension any better with his music for that scene. The peacefulness of children singing while the ravens gradually packed the jungle gym behind Melanie was just right. I reckon he had a good screen presence. He admitted himself that he didn't take acting seriously. So perhaps his nonchalance was his problem. I always like him in his films though. I've just this week seen this on TV. I reckon that this is a good movie. I didn't know about the Bay Bridge. I better check my Golden Gate film poster list to see if I go them alright on there. Thanks for those two links. It looks as though they were running short of money to make this documentary but I hope there won't be too long a hold-up for it's release. View all replies >