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Looking for a similar film Ludicrous ending Off screen murders don't work in slow burn thrillers (spoilers) A better ending (spoiler) Looking for Late 80's or Early 90's Black gangster film in the city Ending (spoiler) Repairman Ending (spoiler) View all posts >


True. I knew the wokerati would have a meltdown about this Sheff Utd - Second season syndrome? The BBC are revolting. And pandered to feminism even more than this did Yep, while the two women walk off into the sunset to raise their child If you think this is bad wait until you see Deep Blue Sea 3 that was just for an additional bit of wahmen power I think touché. It takes a big man to admit to it. Yeah the second was far better, this was just lefty feminist garbage. Agree about Foster Bran is a byproduct of an underdeveloped cosmology that is GRRM's world in ASOIF. It really doesn't matter what happens next because there's no true cosmology to answer to. View all replies >