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only watching everything with Bruce Willis in it For those who read the book Do you think that Trump ever...... View all posts >


She was way too old at the time Lol! Fake news. I've had the same thoughts. Unless we see some major kind of progress in health and science, he's f cked. Way too much wear and tear on his body. No, can't watch that. Agree with Buscemi. My first movie date was The Mummy. Will always love Fraser. Lol I'm not a supporter of Trump. My comment was directed at Kingswood. He is the Trump supporter. "Guys like you and i are pretty much standard and old school now...boring... everybody's got one of us at home," I think I am one of the standard old school boring guys you are talking about and I can tell by the way you write, you aren't one of 'us.' "and theres no vast gay-wing conspiracy against us haha:))" Spoken like a true fag. View all replies >