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Excellent, well done. Many in the U.S. are apparently uneducated/ignorant. Drop dead. I'm not a "Lefty" you f king loser. Your mother really makes me laugh. I'm not a liberal. I'm not a Democrat. Check my posts you [email protected] I'm just calling it like I see it. Saying you "suffered" through Obama, what does that mean then? It's obvious to anyone with a high enough IQ that you're a POS racist dooshbag. You don't have to be affiliated with either political ideology to see that. You have bad taste. Not everybody knows they have sh!tty taste, but now you know. Sure I'd love to hit that doggy style, those long black legs and that big fat curvy ass, sure, I'd love to mount her from behind and smack that ass a few times. But you're talking about singing talent. Whitney, Celine, Mariah, Adele; Beyonce isn't at that level of singing talent. Beyonce falls more in line with Shanice, B Angie B, Chante Moore, Faith Evans, and Adina Howard. Rue Beyonce was always overrated. Hit me up if Beyonce ever drops a classic like Skyfall. Suffered through 8 years of Obama? That is the same thing as saying; "We Republicans suffered through 8 years with that N!gger in office!" I'm not one to call for someone to be banned from a website, I do myself at times enjoy some good trolling. However, this post above mine from the "one man army" is blatantly racist and just overall annoying. He should be removed from this site. Drop dead gorgeous is the perfect way to describe her. I mean my g0d...... ^^^REPUBLICAN ALERT^^^ ^^^REPUBLICAN ALERT^^^ ^^^REPUBLICAN ALERT^^^ She's obviously out of most's league, but taller than him? Who the f_ck cares? How fu_king lame are you? Taylor didn't lick a bunch of donuts and put them back like a slob. I was in college when Bad Boys 2 came out. It was HUGE! Only people who dislike great movies with over-the-top action and Black haters would put it down. Gender-fluid? No such thing. If true I would be bathing in baby blood.