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She always looks amazing. For sure. Hey Fisheye you still around? You're an extremely gullible person. I would pity you if I didn't already hate you and everyone like you. At least he had a high IQ. Trump is like a regular person; he isn't much smarter than Forest. Obama was a great President. Who gives a shit about your opinion? Haha, I only vaguely remember posting this. I was definitely trolling on that day. He was great in Kingpin. Josh Gad? Can one of the mods PLEASE change the great Billy Crystals picture? It's awful and he deserves better. Who? You're right about everything you say. You shouldn't be allowed to have the name movie expert. The acting was very good? Not only wasn't it VERY good, it was pretty bad actually. This movie wasn't "very well made" either. Are we talking about now or in her prime? In her prime, as far as beauty and overall sexiness goes, she was in the Elite category. Hall of Fame caliber p***y. Absolutely CLASSIC songs man! 9.3 is a little low. Somewhere in the 9.6-9.8 range is more appropriate. En Taro Zeratul! She really should fire her agent. She got really lucky and was good in like one movie. Her agent had to know her acting was subpar and should have tried to find her easier rolls. Rolls to hide her weaknesses. Now we all know, SHE CAN'T ACT! Yes? That's true.