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Two dumb things from second episode (spoilers) About the opening and a detail in the 1st episode... Their teeth are too white Title mistranslated in portuguese? Lio? Should actually be called... Needs a sequel Weird title :/ Oh, no, im in the middle of the ocean now Its just an ad for Fiji water View all posts >


Difinitely. But im biased, because i love the guy. And his movies, of course xD Yeah, I give it about a 7. It was trying too hard. And im getting a bit too tired of movies about Hollywood depravity in general, with nihilistic characters that makes dumb life choices. And also the "movies are magical" trope, thats been done to death lately, even though I am cinephile. Tobey cameo was the best part, his pitchings were hilarious xD. And Margot was beautiful in this. Agreed. I've met a girl EXACTLY like her character in the movie. Down to the looks and mannerisms. I would say "I liked the original song better >:(" ...then probably give her a blanket and leave :/ "I don't think they have processed Ellie's immunity and probably E2 will be about that" -> you are probably right. Also loved Depeche Mode at the end. "80s means trouble" ;) Im sorry, im not goig to argue with a moron. I don't care how you try to spin this. They are zombies. "Ellen Page as Ellie" hmmm, that wouldn't work so well today :/ You are correct. I have. But here is another: https://www.looper.com/img/gallery/biggest-unanswered-questions-in-avatar-the-way-of-water/intro-1670614521.jpg View all replies >