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hahah dude this comment got me lol - might as well bring Rick and the helicopter as well for back up been awhile did they show both kids being merk on camera? but yeah if this was on HBO for sure she would be PIKE!!! the dog too lol cheers Tammy Rose was practically joined by the hip with that baby and her husband must have abducted her when she was in the tiolet. Be nice to see how they Mission Impossible these abductions. I was thinking the same thing guns and gas has is all tapped out? Didnt the highway men all have guns? Plot shield comics they get away with that tv no way. If that was the case Judith would be a goner a long time ago. Hilltop gets destroyed by the whiperers when it's war time I think. Rosita and Ezekiel should be the main 2 that get grand exit but I don't think the producers want to lose vital characters on the show. the gave Rosita a big time plot shield by having her pregs I doubt they will kill off a pregnant character if they do DAMN Kudos to them. any other characters that bite the dust are non factors characters for me. agreed - First off, Daryl doesn't know her so why trust her and then she's also handicap so why even risk trying to save her life all the time. Daryl is a loner he can get things done with out help especially in these types of situations. there shouldn't be no reason for her to tag along unless she's hooking up with one of the producers on the show not a fan either - they just did a hop skip and jump over Fear the walking dead i guess Morgan is stuck in FEAR show for 6 years as well? Agreed last episode turned into a "This is Us' show Aside for Poppy who else was terrorizing the family? who was terrorizing Nellie or future ghost? didn't make sense at all or the house was doing it? Yeah her backstory will be the Trucker aka Polar Bear left her to fend for her own. While her husband went out there to save strangers. Hence why she's on a mad don't help anybody kind of move. that's what i think i could be wrong View all replies >