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Shell Shock from killing them by the 100's she forgot how to defend herself. lol She's carrying that Morgan mantra that all life is precious....ALL LIFE is precious except hers since she puts her life in danger for no reason. This episode was just odd the whole time. script/book writer vendetta for stealing your manuscript...a list of other dumb stuff as well If you have time continue watching the show. it's get bad each season. Madison and family sure know how to destroy communities like the plague. I just continue to watch cause there's nothing else to watch on a sunday. TLC's 90 day fiance??? i may have to switch over to that. Cringe worthy sundays with Fear on how dumb the characters behave and think lately There's a possibility she's the one leaving those encouraging stuff on the trees. She's not ruled out dead until it's shown on tv right? Ahhh thats where they got the second camera lol ive been surfing the net more than i am focus watching show. I am losing interest on this show really fast was just barely watching and more surfing on my phone and whenever they were talking in front of the camera i was fast forwarding. Honestly where the heck did they get a second camera as well??? felt like i was watching a Cops/Live PD. Heavily usage of walkies talkies is getting tiresome as well. Everybody has a walkie talkie hells and they have extras to give away for care package boxes away as well. unlimited supplies of food,bullets, walkie talkies, batteries and bo staffs 100% agreed their biggest villain is themselves doing dumb things and us the audience saying what the fuck?!?!?!?! lol I concur he would have caught a good punch to the face and then anything else once he stepped out of that car. agreed - first off why was he by himself in the first place if they're protecting a run way track like that wouldn't Daniel or his sister be with him just incase something does happen - like zombie strolling by ??? like was there a reason for them to be on the other end?? when they should be protecting the energy source. having a plane land split seconds from the runway lights turning on is pretty heroic as well - i can't imagine really good pilots pulling that off let alone novice pilots agreed - building the plane alone with no experience is a feat on its own. And now they have to strip it off with its dead weight. i like how they just fast forward the two from getting the airplane fuel as well. as per the previous episode that was a full day mission on its own. hahah dude this comment got me lol - might as well bring Rick and the helicopter as well for back up View all replies >