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I thought Timmy was a bit of a brat.... "Aged 7 Years" I'm about to bail out on it....waiting for Caan to show up.... Lorraine Bracco Orb of Light Green Cocktail/Drink at Henry's Going Away Party at Bar Ultimate Old School LA Noir What did Hammer do to Jack Lambert? "Good night, Dev." How did Kay and Michael meet? View all posts >


Thank you. Thank you. Sorry it's taken me this long to write back. Thank you. Thanks so much for posting that link. Really appreciate it. Agreed. Thank you. Agreed. Thank you. Mingo: I can swallow any more salami. Fante: It's all we got. "Surely he can charge a fee for such services. After all, we are not Communists." (For a ménage à trois.) I'm sure it was edited out to fit in commercials. I hate when that happens. I never saw the scene your Mom refers to, but it makes perfect sense. Agreed. She was the heart and soul of the movie. Totally blew me away. View all replies >