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then your a straight up bitch if you would get violent with someone whos just having fun and trying to keep things light hearted. Sure if this was under normal circumstances, I can get attacking him, but these guys are out in the middle of nowhere and isolated. No reason to jump the gun and start kicking the guy, especially someone who basically like your brother out there. Also, when someones bugging you, you're supposed to address HIM, not some other guy like he's your stooge and is obligated to "get him out of here". He chose to disrespect them rather than exchanging words like a real man, and escalated it. Simple as that. Maul is dathomirian, Windu isn't. Dathomirians have a higher tolerance to pain and damage then humans do. Combined with his ability to use the Force with his talent for technology, it's completely possible for him to survive by merging himself with those spider legs to prevent blood loss. woulda coulda shoulda...easy to say when behind the safety of your computer. At the end of the day, he's nothing but an internet hero. None of those fans could care less about them if there's a chance they'll be facing real world consequences for helping him out, even if they could get away with it. sooo... is this thread for real or a troll post? disagree. The showrunner has talked about doing a season 3 since now that Castle's journey to becoming the Punisher is complete, we'll finally be able to see him act the way he's meant to. That means a more engaging story with more action should season 3 happen, which it likely will. It's not always about ratings. DD may've been the better show, but Murdock's story was complete by the end of S3, anything more then that would've just been a rehash of season 2. Castle's story, however, is only just beginning Fisk understood human nature and chose not to be on the receiving end of other people's desire to control him and make him feel as powerless as he was when his father would abuse him and his mom. He's right when he says love makes you weak, and it has nothing to do with being a "ruthless sociopath". His reasoning can apply to anyone in any stage of their life; whether they're living legitimately or not is irrelevant. Love makes you vulnerable and weak because you eventually get reduced to being nothing more then a puppet for the other person. You're constantly seeking assurances, looking to them for support, seeking their advice, or trying to make them happy, all of which puts a damper on your own personality, making you dull and more easier to manipulate if you're trying to get ahead in a cutthroat environment. Everyone is a sociopath at the end of the day, since people are always looking to keep you down in some shape or form. The only difference between Fisk and the average person is that Fisk is more intelligent and calculating and knows when (and how) to operate with a higher degree of sociopathy then the average guy who is basically stuck kissing ass , slandering, gossiping and doing everything in their power to keep his competitors down through low brow tactics. The love that you describe may have existed at some point in life, but in today's world where people are "disposable" (which they are, unfortunately), this kind of love is nothing more then a constant screening procedure for both parties that are always assessing how each other's status measures up to the other and proceeding on that basis. There is no such thing as "real", authentic love that is based on just personality attraction and common interests. There is no such thing as "real lasting love", otherwise the divorce rate wouldn't be over 50%. Guys like Wilson Fisk are right when they say love (all forms aside from immediate family) is the downfall of men. People take advantage of your growing influence when you have loving relationships with them, mostly because they're jealous trash who want to ruin you. Their mindset is "if I can't have it, no one can", and they seek to subtly distract you and screw you over in little ways in order to knock you down in your quest to become great. Average joes who are too stupid, weak, or just feeble-minded to get ahead, aside from maybe going to school and getting a job, don't need to worry about this though since they will likely never be in the sort of position guys like fisk are in. They'll spend their lives being little drones doing whatever their boss tells them to do while hoping for life to toss them a bone in the form of a woman, who will likely then move on when something better comes along anyway. Nah Fisk has the right idea, love is bullshit when you have the sort of talent that someone like Pointdexter has. No reason to be tied down by someone who'll move on once they get tired of the novelty of "fixing you", which is what would've happened if he'd stuck with that girl. please explain how the Europeans weren't evil. They invaded their territory, destroyed and uprooted their homes and culture, introduced firewater which further ruined their way of life, raped and pillaged, and put them on reservations which were basically hellholes. Everything the Indians did in response to this was understandable, if not justifiable. The natives were far more innocent in comparison. Smaller, fringe tribes may've been war mongering (no similar to gangs or outlaws during the Wild West days, even today for that matter) but that doesn't change the fact that the vast majority were peaceful indian tribes who lived in harmony with nature and had a beautiful and rich culture that was subsequently destroyed under the banner of fur trade. explain where it was stated that they both have the same parents that's as plausible as it gets. Atleast as theories go anyway when it comes to determinants of anti social behavior View all replies >