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Well, we know that Trump would protect his fried chicken and gravy at all costs. The 'clock is always running' is the point. Forget San Dimas. But that is what Rufus said. this means that no matter where they go, what they do, how much time they spend in the past of future, the clock is always running forward and they will run out of time to do their report. This makes no sense in terms of the movie as they should be able to loop it over and over again without the ripple. In my view, it lost the magic of the first film. From the start of the movie, there is a grey cloud over it, especially when we learn that the Ghostbusters had been sued and blamed for all of the damage and are now not even taken seriously. They saved the City of New York! It cast a pall over the film and they covered it up with lazy writing and a bad script. Winston comes and goes without explanation and there doesn't seem to be any follow-up to the previous movie. If you watch it closely, and I just did again, Bill Murray doesn't want to be there. Dan Akroyd is carrying the film, Ramis is just being Ramis and Hudson is hanging on to whatever scene he can be in. Dana Barrott having a son (with an AWOL father) isn't exactly good material either. I dunno, it lost the energy of the first film and could've been better. That's all. I've been tired at movies before and haven't fell asleep. This movie was ok at the outset, in the middle it dragged and seemed to lose it's focus then it refocused back. I've seen better Tarantino films. Yeah it was late on a Friday after a long day at work. I sunk into the chair. I enjoy Tarantino movies, but also had the same issue with Grindhouse, loooooong drawn out pointless dialogue. It was about as entertaining as the Wall Street Journal. More like bored stiff. But it did get interesting in the end. I know that. And that's even more the reason that Hal should've been more to blame than Gabe for her death. Ribisi's character had so many layers to it and how he was able to pull that off (like going from berserk to laughing again in a few seconds like nothing happened) was outstanding and was not very recognized. Nice apology for your side. Yes, the USS Cole was attacked under a Democrat (Clinton) and then a Republican, who was actually friends with the family of the accused 9/11 plotter (Bush) ignored intelligence regarding airplanes being flown into buildings and led us into a war based on false intelligence that we've been in now for going on 19 years. Republicans seem to keep getting us into messes. Democrats aren't good either, but at least they seem to care. Last time I checked, we were attacked on our own soil while a Republican was in charge. Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and now he's surprised that they're stockpiling nuclear material. Tell me again how Trump is keeping us safe. View all replies >