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Point taken. When I say she was alone, I mean that her core group of advisers that she had were not in her White House. All Presidents have an inner group that they rely on. Nixon had his California guys, Carter had his Georgia Mafia and Kennedy had his Boston crew. Neither Amy, Gary, Kent or Mike were there when she was elected President. Will have a look at that. Cheers, mate. I am keenly aware that society is horrible, Friend. I was referring to a system that allows people like Marla Grayson to operate and flourish with no oversight or checks. Not looking for a cyber spat. Thanks for this link, Friend. It is one thing to be informed about something by friends or relatives. It is completely different experience when you have a physical sign that reinforces all the information. It makes s**t very real. It was only when George Wallace became a born again Christian that he had a change of heart and renounced his past. Maybe him being in a wheel chair after the assassination attempt in 1972, made him also ponder the positions that he had taken. There is also the added factor of news as a business. Newspapers are also commercial enterprises, making a big splash can boost readership which pleases advertisers. This drives reporters to chase stories in a pack mentality. I remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal which followed Richard Jewell. Any sense of decency was cast aside as the media hordes chased this young girl like wolves. All of them looking for "angle." Laughed out loud when Nicole visited her childhood home with Lee Simon. The pair go upstairs to her bedroom, she talks about her childhood and she unzips his fly.... The word inappropriate does not even come close! It is available on the itv hub. FeeCJ I did not notice that before. Went back and watched that episode again. It is very poor. View all replies >