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Agreed. Homelander is a sick man, underneath the celebrity/near God like status.The scene on the plane when he threatened to laser the panicked passengers revealed that this "superhero" is a total psychopath. Afterwards he even gives a George W Bush style " I hear you..."speech to the rescuer services near the site where the plane went down. I thought Maeve was going to throw up at the memorial. I must have missed that . I will watch it again as I am a big Redford fan. Thanks Of course, it's a movie. It's also based on real events. Thank you for the observation. Responding to your replies, he had tried to kill himself before. Maybe he was so emotionally damaged that retirement was not viable. You should definitely watch it! It was a huge hit here in the UK ratings wise AND it was major cultural talking point in the media. There were articles in the press about who the villains were and explanations about plots and characters. In the age of streaming and box sets it is very rare to capture the public with a political thriller /drama on terrestrial TV. The whole was based on lies and Johnson was not the only one. Kennedy denied that American troops were involved in the fighting when in fact they were. Robert McNamara lied repeatedly about the progress of the war. By way, the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, probably never actually happened. I agree.He always gives a good performance. Saw him recently in a film called Kodachrome on Netflix, where he played Ed Harris' brother. Small part, but he was perfect. Never lets you down whether playing JFK in Thirteen Days or Captain Pike in Star Trek. He's Ashley Judd's evil husband in Double Jeopardy or Robert McNamara in The Post. Not often remarked on how many great actors Canada has produced. The Prisoner was a Senator who sought to destroy the President. He practically accused the President of being a dictator. The Russians sought to create political chaos in the US thereby disrupting the President's Administration. The Senator told the Russians that Saul and Carrie were seeking to exfiltrate Simone Martin, effectively that is treason. You can forgive the President for not being full of kindness. You may have something there. Could it be a commentary on a nation that is constantly shouting at itself? Liberals against Conservatives. Gun Control against Gun rights. Abortion v Right to Life. All this noise, no one listening or willing to listen to another person's viewpoint. Not the sign of a happy country. I am an admirer of America, but it does seem like a country full of shouters and screamers.Time for some quiet. View all replies >