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You lost my gift. smh Terrible casting! Daisy is very attractive, IMO. She was not at all the problem with these disasters. I agree. It just needs a competent writer and director. I'd prefer someone other than Craig but he isn't the biggest problem. I loved Casino Royal. Just steal a writer from Mission Impossible. Well, from one of the last three, that is. With the amount of money spent, I am still shocked that any big budget movie makes it to the can in as bad a shape as the last three 007 movies. Assuming that this is in the yes/no format of original 20 Questions, Is it the first appearance of any of the lead actors? I'd like to start a petition to make petitions do us good. Hey, where's your bead-wall necklace? Interesting. I love educational content! (seriously) Nope. We're friends now. Here are some gifts that are traditional with my people to cement our new relationship. This sheet of woven beads and feathers is to be worn around the neck and hang in front of your chest. I will be insulted if you don't wear it all the time. Here, we also shake hands with these white-hot caltrops between our hands. They aren't wizards. They don't have a crystal ball. They observe evidence and listen to symptoms described. After looking at a Xray and advising you based on evidence, what more did you want? Exact dates of relief? I have had visits that I felt were info-light (always remembering some questions I didn't ask or didn't get answered until I get HOME!) and that sucks but people expect doctors to cast Cure Serious Wounds on them. Ahhh TP'ing! I am a veteran of the TP Wars. .... Oh. You aren't so bad after all. You're OK for a thin-sider. You unhinged lunatic! The musicians I worship taught me about your kind. Used to love it. Drank quite a bit in high school and many years beyond. Lost my love of the buzz though. Too many regrets from the valleys of judgement impairment. More good times than regrets but I prefer the control. lol, oh man. That article was about people using home made equipment and experimental concoctions. The anti-vaping crowd has been very bad for nicotine addicts. Zero evidence that the water vapor causes trouble with others yet the 2nd hand smoke crusaders are all over it too. Sarcasm is subtle. Subtlety doesn't work when you are learning a language. New language learning is like raw code-breaking. Solid definitions. Nuance comes long after fluency. You are in for more treats then! Books around the world will burst into flame. Due also means attributable so it isn't incorrect. Even its "owed or owing" definition can work in its oft used "due to ..." scenario. Imagine "owing to ..." in place of "due to" and it fits most of the time. It is another time thing. He likes that. You liked TDKR but don't like Prestige, Inception, nor Memento? I agree that Interstellar and Dunkirk sucked but I don't understand the TDKR love. I read your post and I felt like Chaka, from Land of the Lost, befuddled with confusion. The Nam flashbacks are fantastic. The whole movie is rude.