AnubisRaydeen's Replies

It was disappointing. I thought the ratings were really good. Cutting the season length was bad enough. Still made me sad though. This show was one of my favorites. One of those that I watch reruns of. Comfy. I liked the movie but the scene you mention is the stupidest thing in it. "Sacrifice that which is most dear to you" turned into sacrifice yourself. Black Widow was never done very well in these movies (she looks great though so not complaining TOO much) and her end was also meh. No. I was too busy being infuriated that they named the half-lizard baby "Liz" I know that that is a common interpretation but I do not think that it is absolutely the intended one. Could be, sure. Obvious? mmmm ... I prefer my take on it. I don't know how anyone other than QT can claim they know for sure. My interpretation was that it was a day dream as well. Fueled by his recent input. It ending with his "huh" is what made me think he was just day dreaming. Was it fantasy or memory? Has QT declared something regarding this? She is the most uninteresting actress in the biz. Zero appeal. Yeah, Endgame only deserved a 7/10 ... but Dunkirk only deserves a 5/10. Effective use of sound and a few inspired moments do not a good movie make. Someone convinced me to give it another shot. After a rewatch, I hate the Black Manta scenario less but am even more weary of the acting and plot. I actually have to drop it a bit down to 4/10. I agree with this assessment. It is both MM's and CG's worst movie. Like they were forced to start and finish a movie with an incomplete idea and script, expecting it to be written to a cogent completion before their filming was done. 3/10 Internet wisdom at its best. Three year props crew. The book is also fantastic. Different enough to be worth attention. Book and movie both do some things of quality that the other does not. Well said. I used to love SS. I enjoyed her tv show and she seemed cool. Then she replaced "funny" with seething hate and her jokes turned into bland or crass thumb-in-the-eye stuff. Crass is fine but not when it isn't funny. You can tell when the hate is the fire underneath it all. Always a gas to see someone hoisted by their own petard. This tragedy could have been avoided if they had only offered the polar bear a cold 20 oz bottle of Coca-Cola. Delicious, refreshing Coca-Cola. Drink Coca-Cola. I have noticed the wash-out color technique recently and I hate it. Could be that I was influenced by the poor quality of what I saw it in though. Defenders sucked big time and I hated half of Polar. The wash-out was irritating. Perhaps I'd feel different about it if Jett was my first exposure. Right? I was kinda shocked. SPOILERS.................. I am glad that Benny made it out alive. I expected at least Charlie to have made it (he or Jr). I am not a fan of the extreme lighting style that found its way into many episodes but the directing is excellent outside of that. I really hope it gets more seasons. Oh. Thanks. I can't watch any of the Hopkins ones anymore. Now that I've seen Mads do it right in Hannibal, all other renditions pale by comparison. I find SotL to be corny and silly now. "Acknowledging the flaws of the PT and hating the PT are not the same thing." Fair enough. ooooor ... they made poor movies so consistently that the fans reacted to the degree of low quality. Yes there were some racists and misogynists complaining about some things but those were not the things that disenchanted the majority. Nope. That would be the fact that the prequels/sequels were bad movies. But some bigots make some noise and there goes the blanket of racism ... oh wait, I mean "white supremacy" thrown over anyone who doesn't like it. Whatever. I am surprised that I'm not racist for hating the new Aliens movies too. When the majority of people hate what you like it is "toxic bandwagon jumping"