AnubisRaydeen's Replies

He'll die checking his privilege. He will show up at 2:14, get as far as "Hey Chewy, good to ..." and the camera will cut to a different character while he is killed off camera at 2:19 and no one ever mentions him again. Prob Manson. It was, indeed, the worst of the lot but 3 out of 4 is golden compared to Solo and TLJ. This ep was cliche'd to the hiltbut watchable. Lone Wolf and Cub in space is cool by me. It did just fine with a new mini-story each issue with the continuous foundation of being on the run with a bounty on his head. 3/4 was about the % of quality in it too (well, more like 5/6). ST apologists are somehow worse than PT apologists. But in the end, it is a matter of taste, not reason. Agreed. Casino Royal is an excellent Bond film. The rest of the Craig era is garbage. CR: A+ QoS: D+ SkyF: D- Spect: D It got very stupid in the details. Very stupid. Roger Moore stupid. Cutthroat Island: 2/10 Shane wrote it, not directed. It was (surprisingly) directed by Renny Harlan. Why couldn't Renny do more like this? Oh jeez. I forgot about that. Yep. Moore Bond is too goofy for me. Sophistry. Agreed, although it still has some goofy stuff. This and The Spy Who Loved Me are the best Moore films (and my guilty pleasure of View to a Kill). Live and Let Die didn't have too much camp but it was sorta meh by 007 movie standards. They stayed there. They never left. They are there right now ... forever. So your complaint is that this movie shouldn't be made because the character was not in the Shazam movie? The Shallows was competently directed. The Commuter was not. In fact, the directing in The Commuter stood out as particularly bad and pedestrian. This is a shame. May this change. I would have liked Pete Travis (Dredd), John McTiernan (Die Hard, Predator), Mathew Vaughn (Kick-Ass), or believe it or not Tarantino. Funny how that happens to be the worst season of BB. Rian isn't the worst director. Looper was ... OK. He just made some huge mistakes with TLJ (mostly born of very poor knowledge of the franchise but not entirely), followed by opening his mouth enough to further rally fans against him. He can make good stuff but was the absolute wrong choice for a SW movie. Crazy but true. Many people did, in fact, like it. Looper: B+ KO: C+ Bloom: C- TLJ: D- Didn't see Brick Saw KO under protest since I'm still assblasted over TLJ. Better than I expected but still not very good. It's a story we've seen a million times but it was done well enough. The episode only served to introduce Gina and it did that in possibly the most standard way possible. Though not an impressive story, they action was decent and I'll take this cliche over Rian-style subverting my expectations. ie. C grade is better than F. The show is still overall good. 3 out of 4 ain't bad. This is my chief complaint about E3. That and the fly-by salute. I grew up on the Baker Who stuff via UHF channel. I'd catch some cool Japanese cartoons, Ultra Man, and then Tom Baker as the Doctor. Absolute classics. To me, it is the best Who. As for the nuWho era. I thought Ecelston was the best actual Doctor but the better stories came in the Tenant run. The Matt stuff wasn't bad and some of it even great but I have problems with Moffat's style (I hated his Sherlock). I gave the old guy a chance for 6 episodes and that was enough to push me off the ship for good. No idea if the lady in it now is any good nor do I have any interest in finding out. It's only rerun Who for me if at all. I agree with the sentiment that few if any newer versions of honored IP are any good at all. Star Wars, Star Trek, comic books & their movies, Terminator, you name it.