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Some moments of Skyfall are good but overall it is a frustratingly bad movie. The decision making behind the plot and directing make me roll my eyes. Even though its few good scenes are better than anything in QoS, I rank Skyfall just below QoS. Both suck. QoS is more of a major let-down vs Skyfall being insulting. Qos: 5/10 Sky: 4/10 Who cares? I love this movie. One of Paul Verhoven's best. Great action. Great directing. Many balls. I agree with kmags84 (however, I think Scarface is also hugely overrated). I think DePalma does certain iconic scenes well and hides behind them. His films are not very good (with one, maybe two exceptions). I walked out after Untouchables thinking that I mostly enjoyed myself but that it was a bad movie. I have always been shocked at the praise his movies get. Patrician ranking: First Class: A- DP1: A- X2: B+ Logan: B The Wolverine: B- X1: B- DP2: C+ DoFP: C+ Apoc: D X3: D- Origins: F So you see, 6 out of 11 are actually good and only 3 to 5 are bad. Don't know about this new one. Prob won't see it. But assuming that it is as bad as WOM indicates then the franchise is still at least 50% decent. Action movies started suffering from choppy cuts and poorly edited action sequences a long time ago. Instead of getting one long combat scene that had to be imagined, practiced, and directed well, we were getting blurry, choppy, close-ups. Actors could be kept in scene instead of stunt doubles and directors could pretend that they were part of what made an action sequence good. This practice metastasized around when the first Bourne movie came out. It was making (most) action movies suck. The Wick movies do one thing. They deliver superb action sequences. Everyone has been so thirsty for quality action that that is all these Wick films have to do. The story only has to be basic framework for the action. So if you are not an action film fan then the distinction in quality will mystify you. This thread is closed! Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. You never know when someone is going to up and like BvS. I'm with Ace. I only liked X2, First Class, and Logan. The rest have been varying degrees of trash. Wasn't going to see this one even before the bad press (in its many avenues) I am embarrassed that I thought he was Naveen Andrews. Classy Didn't click the link. Die Another Day and Diamonds are Forever are tied for worst. There are easily another 3 or 4 that are worse the NSNA. I give NSNA a 5.5/10 Calm down. " discussed by fans for several weeks " He says to a post a month old. Hawkeye didn't sacrifice BW. She sacrificed herself. RW is much better than Vertigo. I always considered Vertigo and Psycho to be overrated and not even in Hitchcock's top 10. Vertigo is sour. RW and The Rope are my 2 favorite from him. Precisely. In the end, she and her scenes were the weak parts of the film. ... although I did grow tired of the coin pushing. I agree to an extent. The monster scenes were good except that they were often shaky and almost always too brief. I thought that awesome scene in the trailer where Zilla and Ghedora are charging each other was super cool and I couldn't wait to see the full scene. Turns out that WAS the full scene. The fights were mostly snippets. Only a few slightly extended fight scenes lasted longer. As a G fan, I felt abused. I too want a fan edit. Even though we'd still have the AoE victory power and Rodan's "off button" How is it possible that the makers of this movie didn't see how it's done in Pacific Rim. "Less is more" works in small monster suspense films, not kaiju movies. With kaiju, it is the opposite. Unpopular opinion incoming: The original Dark Phoenix story was not great. I was reading those Xmen comics straight off the rack in 7-11. Xmen was a good comic in those day. Clairmont & Byrne put out great stuff. I personally attribute the best of it to Byrne. Once the two parted and did their own things, Clairmont's quality suffered and Byrne's excelled. Anyhow, the Dark Phoenix situation was an interesting development. It was a grand and different approach to comic book standards. But it was only interesting in context of the years of story behind it. The DP story itself was a bit bland. It had an impact on readers because of the emotional impact the development had on the characters. Key word is "development." It isn't a saga in and of itself. It was the fate of one of the characters that they skillfully foreshadowed over time. So in the scope of many years of the comic book, it was cool. But the details of the specific event were brief and plot-light. {Space entity takes over powerful psychic. She becomes all powerful. Destroys Skrull homeworld and others. Gets control back. Big space trial. Suicide.} A few cool moments but a boring read to be honest. It has been skating on the emotional impact it earned from its rich history instead of its own merits. Praised so much that they think it would make a good movie. It was never going to be a good movie. The source material is secretly weak. Many other Xmen story lines were much better plot-wise. At every turn they soiled the pants of science. I wasn't expecting pure science but I [i]was[/i] expecting some level of intelligent sci-fi to help overlook the nonsense. I was able to enjoy "Space 1999" back in the day despite its foolishness. Perhaps I would have been more forgiving if I could have seen it with subtitles and not dubbing (I hate dubbing). This level of taking-liberties may as well have led to them killing a giant space beast and making a planet-sized fur coat out of it to drape around the Earth. Even beyond the absurdities, most of the characters were severely unlikable. Only the dad and the female military captain were likable. I will give it a few points for looking very good most of the time. This movie sucked. 3/10 This is what I wanted too. Two or three actors in it can do a Russian accent? It was like everyone was Kevin Costner. The show seemed cheap and like standard BBC serial quality for the first couple episodes. Either I got used to it or they improved their game by the middle. Overall, I enjoyed it. I payed close attention to the event when it happened and even revisited the subject decades later. Yet I still learned things I never knew from this. 8/10 Oops, I forgot about After Earth. I never think of it as a Shyamalan film. I associate it solely with Smith. It was pretty bad too. So ... EDIT: Last Airbender AND After Earth are the films by Night that I don't like at all.