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Or just paste the URL into the internet archive. ;-) Conspiracy nuts are amusing. LOL It's useless to debate that deluded nitwit. Not only is he hopelessly paranoid, but it's almost impossible to believe he dares use the word "man" in his handle. LOL It only proves (if true) the sad lack of any attention span at all. It was a great movie, and anyone who didn't watch the last hour missed a great extended action sequence. I pity the fool. ;-) The subject never came up that Lana Wood didn't defame Robert Wagner. Natalie Wood is hardly the first drunk to fall off a boat (or a dock) and drown. Sally was Gidget in a TV series. Various actresses had the role in movies, including Sandra Dee . And Gidget the year before The Flying Nun. Yes, both of those roles could have typecast her. I think a decision which may have helped her out is she only did TV movies after The Flying Nun for a few years. Not another series, and no guest star roles on TV. Then a few years later she had one feature film role, then Smokey and the Bandit, and it was all incredible success from there on. Especially since Tina Louise always seemed to have such an attitude about being eternally identified with Ginger. I guess she's the last one still alive. Just turned 89. Wow. I don't know if you've seen it ... tonight I stumbled across a Fox Late Night show from 1988 that had the entire cast on for a half hour segment. As those things happen, it was over too soon and lacked any real depth, but it was cool to see the cast all together one last time. We suffered through the first three seasons and a couple of episodes into the 4th. But the writing just got too stupid to bear. This from a lifelong Star Trek fan who saw the first episode of the original series as aired and has watched everything else Trek. View all replies >