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The first time I saw it I hated Jennifer Connolly's role Only 10 minutes in.. Why does Amy Irving act so shocked Her mother was right Quiet here.. Jeff was a jerk! The only weak link The actress ruins it for me Was the joint colorized? My big complaint was the family at the end View all posts >


2. The most dramatic scene in the movie never happened Which one? I assumed it was John Glenn asking for her verification to fly, but the link says that actually happened, word for word. thank you No, just sharing what irritates me. It's what the internet's for;p I think I know what you mean, sorta brought the film down to a Lifetime movie. I usually don't think looks matter if the acting is great, but yes her beauty detracted from the believability of her plight. And if those two are the most hated characters that person has seen, I have to guess not many movies have been watched. I was wondering more why cast an actress in her mid 20s married to a guy in his mid 50s. Oh yeah, Hollywood. Thank you so much, watching again after 20 years and all I'm yelling at the tv is Shut off the stupid music!! Where did you get that his wife survived? Serious question, I could have missed something in this less than linear film;) jerk View all replies >