HarlemEagle42's Replies

He basically said he's staying in the race. (for now) Bernie got fucked over twice. Hell, I thought he was dead. ....continue. You think Trump's brain trust could prove otherwise but instead they got laughed out of court 60 times. Including by Trump appointed judges. Biden referred to Zelensky as 'President Putin' at the NATO conference. Today. This conference is going to be not going to be an inquiry but instead an autopsy of his campaign. I strongly suspect he will drop out of the race before the convention. The party is not going down with the ship. Amsterdam at least seemed to be aiming for a level of sincerity and earnestness you might had seen in prestige movies twenty, thirty years ago. It missed the mark but it at least tried. Before the whole "being cynical means we look smart" approach really took over. I thought JGL was fine but it was weird to see him in this. Agreed about the daughter. Just annoying. And it's a real shame about Kevin Bacon. They even spoil it in the trailer. That's still encouraging. That's too bad. Cassandra Nova has been in the comics for over twenty years now. Wait until you see the baboons. I liked his Godzilla movie too but the humans were pretty boring in it. Except for Bryan Cranston so of course he's killed off thirty minutes into the movie. Axis of Assholes. I think they are complimenting the footage despite the music. I think the movie looks good though granted, it IS Ridley Scott. All his movies look amazing even if they're crap. I don't like the contemporary pop songs in this trailer either but I still am looking forward to this. I'd prefer if they kept the floating head the whole time. It was one of those moments where the MCU seemed afraid to embrace the weirder side of the comics. James Gunn would had kept that intact. Yeah, I'd kind of prefer if he did the Batman movie for James Gunn's reboot of the DCU instead of the 'Flash' guy. The Israel-Hamas war seems to be an exception. No. Yeah, it's one of the weirder career turns I can remember.