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I hated both of them 5 minutes into the movie. What the hell was the point? Interesting flick. For your next film, "Make the end of the world.... Great Again!" Decent movie spoiled by social justice warrior garbage. Was this supposed to be pro-press or anti-press in 2017? View all posts >


Lol, I can't help but laugh. Trump derangement syndrome is real, folks. The irony isn't lost on me. On a message board for a movie about entities making people go crazy, we've got a person who has gone foaming at the mouth crazy because of an outside entity. Thanks for the chuckle. I'm one of the first people to be annoyed by rampant political correctness and social justice warrior agendas in movies and this movies is NOT that. This is just an excellent movie all around that tells a great story with great acting and is legitimately funny and moving at times. Probably the best movie I've watched this year. This is a horror/thriller movie about phantom creatures going around causing people to kill themselves. It doesn't need politics. It certainly doesn't need ham fisted politics. They made it far too obvious and it detracted from the movie. That's all. I don't need to get some sort of deeper meaning anti-Trump (or pro Trump, if you're really silly enough to think that's what they were going for) message from a movie like this. We're already bombarded by it in our lives. I haven't voted for a Republican president for the past 4 election cycles. I have many liberal beliefs and some conservative, and I don't fall into party lines of any main party on all issues. Dorks like you are the reason that a guy like Trump is president in the first place though. Judgemental fucks who would rather label people as horrible and slam them for their beliefs than understand why they think the way they do. It's people pushing back against assholes like you, not their "stupid beliefs". Feel free to crawl back under your rock now. Too stupid to understand what I was even saying. Sounds about right for your kind. For those of you arguing that this could be perceived as pro Trump, you're missing the point of my original post. Please note where I stated, "I don't even care about the politics of it, I'm just sick of it being in movies. I dislike anything that snaps me back to reality when I'm trying to simply lose myself in the story." Again, to be clear: Pro Trump, Anti Trump, I don't care and arguing that point is meaningless to me. What I'm sick of is movies inserting real life political jabs or motives or whatever else into movies. There's no possible way you could argue that the line, "Make the end of the world.... great again!" was anything other than based on real life politics. I watch movies to lose myself in the film and escape for 2 hours. Stuff like this pulls me out of the movie and completely ruins the experience. That's what I take issue with. Yup, pretty much how I took it as well. And yet, *SPOILER* the guy who they took in ended up being crazy and dangerous after all. Hmmmm. Lol, no I didn't. Dork. You completely missed my point. I don't give a damn if people want to hold a big grand hearing about how evil the white man is and the injustices that have occurred in the past. More power to them. I'd just like to be able to watch a movie without this garbage being shoved in at every opportunity. I'd like to watch a movie where I can just sit for 2 hours and be entertained without being ripped back to the real world with real world "problems". And no, my ancestors weren't even in the USA until the late 1800s/early 1900s. Not that it would matter, since I'm only going to be held responsible for my actions and not the actions of others before I even existed. I get it, but at the same time the director, main actress, and all the actors except for Chris Pine aren't exactly household names. I didn't know who any of them were going in. On top of that, I try to go into movies with a clean slate and not much by way of spoilers because I think it makes the experience much better. Instead of needing to sift through directors, actors and writers and their previous work, it'd be fantastic if we could just go watch a relatively mindless comic book movie without hearing about how awful we are and getting preached at. But you're right. I will be actively avoiding movies directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Allan Heinberg in the future. Fuck em. View all replies >