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I remember hearing people laugh at the scene where they're propping up Ash's fake head and it suddenly cuts to the actor's real head. Capaldi was wonderful. I think he was one of the most talented actors to have ever played the Doctor. Ignore RT. I think Metacritic is a far better site. Interesting comparison of the two here: https://www.thecroakingfrog.com/blog/rotten-tomatoes-vs-metacritic-the-definitive-guide There are many ways to interpret the story. I took it as the lady, trapper and Frenchman were already dead due to the bounty hunter's comment about being a harvester of souls and the group's reluctance to enter the "hotel". The light at the top of the stairs confirmed this interpretation for me. Episode 9 should begin with Finn waking from his coma and commenting on the terrible dream he had while he was asleep. It's difficult to care about it. Last Jedi killed any interest I may have had left in Star Wars. I'm curious if it had the same effect on others. View all replies >