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Teresa's question Absolutely amazing Just starting . . . but have to say . . . School Spirit The wife Okay sappy me.... Why would you go, or should I ask, would you? Not big on action films... Eh A bit of a Bruce Campbell vibe View all posts >


I liked it, sans the very ending. It's not as bad as everyone here makes it. There are very good scenes. She does a great job. She was a very rich lawyer, husband still has money. They are not divorced. yes, it's Silas. I agree it's a good movie. I watched her in another one recently, she has to be the mom to a friend's kid after they die? I can't remember the name but was also good. I liked it too I sort of disagree about the ending. Burning the papers was a way of letting go of what he experienced. Yes I just watched it. So you watched the second season already? View all replies >