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First episode was not too bad Perfect rainy Saturday matinee movie Quite bad... people walked out Interesting movie - worth a watch The opening credits scenes are so great A random person's review - Pretty good, but definitely more Harry Potter than Addams Family If Wes Anderson directed an Agatha Christie movie Great movie I can't believe I'm saying this... I liked it a lot Watching The Brady Bunch Movie... View all posts >


If I recall correctly he was mentioned once or twice but that's about it. There was no Chaplin-like Tramp character. I liked S1, but I much preferred S2. It had some great twists, solid pace, and each character was given something more. Best new show I've seen in a while. That was what it was in the novelization. 3D NEC Laser Projection. It looked incredible. Conan for sure. The scene with the sloppy joes had me dying. I think in the end Conrad was going to be okay. He was level with his father, with open dialogue, no added layer of uncomfortableness with his mother gone. He had a connection with a woman he really liked... I could see him reconnecting with his friends for sure. cable - no photo album - yes stove top kettle? no paper maps - yes CDs - yes alarm clock - yes department store catalog - no board games - yes playing cards - yes wall calendar - no Couldn't agree more. He was definitely playing a different Jack Ryan. This one was more unsure of himself and definitely less confident. I get that in Patriot Games he snapped and then was defending his family, so maybe Ford took a different approach. In Clear and Present Danger he was in over his head the whole time and knew it. I liked the performance and this movie a lot more. Felt more real. I just watched the movie and this scene was pretty impressive. I couldn't tell if it was really Grant ducking under a real plane or not. When he was running from the explosion it looked legit. I can see why that is such a famous part of the Hitchcock lore. He narrowed it down to a golfer so OJ has been spending a lot of time on the links looking for him. View all replies >