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Are they ever going to set an Aliens movie where they get to earth? This is why you still go to the cinema The forgotten 80s comedy that has some great moments FYI: Now streaming on Amazon Prime Season 5 is... ok.. but the worst season so far Great cast... and that's about it Oh, what this movie could have been... Lean into the absurdity of an Aquaman movie and have fun with it It's a seventies party and everyone is invited Mediocre story with no dialogue and lots of style View all posts >


Two seconds later you can see her grinning. Seriously. It's the definition of a mediocre movie. I just like going to the movies and it fulfilled that itch, so I had a good enough time. If you're looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday, it's not bad. Nothing new is presented here and the story is really recycled and drab. The acting is okay, nobody really standing out or trying too hard or too little (except Bill Murray who clearly didn't care a bit). There were a few good laughs. They leaned really heavily into nostalgia for the first couple movies - they even had a cameo of the curator and the ghost at the museum from the very first movie. The lesbian ghost plot was completely left field, but there are so many characters to keep track of that you kind of blink and they have already moved onto another subplot or random scene. It's one of those movies that you rather forget about the second you get home. Good call I forgot about those! Good lord, that even adds to the churn, doesn't it? Are those considered canon? I was kinda thinking about the 'main' Aliens franchise. Broke into the wrong god damn rec room, didn't you! I'd love to switch to Rock n Roll. Van Halen vs David Lee Roth would be awesome. Eddie and it's not even close. I actually like Huey (seen him in concert twice) but Eddie was a legend IMO. I can listen to his stuff all day long. yeah I think he actually went to jail for a few years. I always hoped he would direct a James Bond movie. We sang the @#@#$ out of this in college. Interesting quesiton... He has had a long, very successful career (40+ years), so yeah he did great. However, he never made it as an A-list, though he definitely tried. More a B-level who can co-star in a big movie but is never the main reason someone goes to see a film. Back in the mid-80s was his best shot, with DOA/Innerspace/Big Easty/Suspect, but it didn't work out nor last long. He never made it to Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, and Kevin Costner status. Just watched Foul Play the other day. My word he stole that movie. View all replies >