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I live here and it's actually similar. There is a massive drifter/homeless problem, lots of gangs, but it's also got some gentrification going on. Downtown after the Loma Prieta quake was redone and offers some great shopping and restaurants. The Boardwalk is pretty much the same. So there are some really nice areas, but it's definitely still got a surfer/stoner/embrace the hippie culture thing too. I just caught this movie and thought the exact same thing. Did she know her game was actually saved when she bailed? She didn't even have the guts to tell Ralph, who did everything but film himself pooping to get her money to buy the steering wheel. Then she goes off and shuns him. She left her game to die, Ralph alone without even an explanation... insanely selfish. It's not like she couldn't go back into the Internet later after everything settled down. I would have left that chick in the dust and gone and had a few at Tappers. I rather think the purpose of this site is to be critical and analytical, so I'm not sure where your comment comes from. I didn't rip it apart but pointed out the flaws and how the talent was there for it to be much better. It sounds like you liked it but didn't love it... therefore mediocre. RDJ as a 20-year old in Civil War brought back so many memories. I grew with him in Less Than Zero and Weird Science. Sent a chill up my spine. I'd love nothing more than for Emo to beat Rey. Has he won a battle yet? Has she lost? I felt the same way. I actually loved the movie and I went in with no expectations. I knew about the comments and the hype and just decided to roll with it. It was a whole lot of fun, and Brie was really quite good in it. Just another solid Marvel movie and the Skrull twist I didn't see coming, nor the post-credits scene. I'm pretty sure it's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Right. Because the answer is Flash Gordon. Kraven's Last Hunt would be fantastic. Two X-Men come to mind before anything....I'd love to see the proper Dark Phoenix adaptation with the Hellfire Club/Mastermind, blowing up a planet, final fight on the dark side of the moon. I'd love to see the Mutant Massacre. Armor Wars (where people stole Tony's tech and he goes after them) Secret Wars would be fun. Daredevil: Born Again Spitballing but let's say the murder is on day 1, investigation and trial about a year, three weeks to transfer to the state prison, and I'd guess a month to the film climax. View all replies >