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Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking. It'll be a new world up there. Pretty much this. I mean, it looks like whatever was left of the Free Folk were waiting for him there. They all went north of the Wall to start a new life with John the leader of the Free People. After all, there was no need for the Wall any longer with a truce with the Free Folk and no more White Walkers. Also, did you catch that there was a shot of a green plant growing in the snow? Did that symbolize it was going to warm up north of the wall? Why did you quote "learned" at the bottom and not at the top? So on the one at the top were you serious you learned something and at the bottom, you were being sarcastic? I don't understand. Like the Point Break remake Like the Red Dawn remake Like the RoboCop remake Like the Clash of the Titans remake Like the Friday the 13th remake Like the Poltergeist remake It's such a small, undemanding role. I don't get why she agreed to do it. I'm just concerned you're fighting depression over a TV show. You are also mad and don't see the reason to watch the last three episodes. I think it's for the best you quit watching since you're posting an open question about why you should watch any more episodes. You asked for an opinion, didn't you? You say to each their own after "Skin and Gender shouldn't matter to a REAL Marvel fan." Quite the contradiction. I think they are going to do a lot more team-ups, putting int two superheroes in the same movie as they did with Winter Soldier and Thor Ragnarok. Maybe Black Panther will have Winter Soldier in it, Guardians with Thor, Captain Marvel with Valkyrie or something. Doom. It's always Doom. Yeah, man, it does. I reckon you didn't even read what I wrote. Skin and gender does matter when you are changing characters that have been around for 50+ YEARS. You love a character like Thor so much and all of a sudden they turn him into a woman? But according to you I should be okay with it because I'm a REAL Marvel fan. Who are you to tell me what I should like and what makes me a fan? View all replies >