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"You say that I'm using a false equivalency, and yet I'm just trying to distinguish why it would be that. I used Jared because while he married into the Trump family, he wouldn't have that position if he wasn't sleeping with someone." Your argument is her sexual relationship with him wasn't the reason she was promoted, yet here you are using an example of another sexual relationship to justify her own. I'm not a Trump supporter so quit using him in your argument, especially when you're arguing it wasn't their sexual relationship that got her ahead in the first place. It is a straw man fallacy. Regarding your best friend, Harris wasn't best friends with Brown. She was a 29-year-old working under him when was 60. He was her superior. They weren't chums who went to ballgames together, hit the mall, and tuned up his truck on weekends. In real life she's married to the exec producer. I'm sure she'll be fine. ;) I didn't vote for Trump. But hey, call a complete stranger a liar. Also, whatever I wrote had nothing to do with Trump, so I'm not sure why you think I'm 'apologizing' for him. Did you READ what I wrote and what the actual website you linked to says???? I wrote: When you think someone is a sexual assaulter (not rapist, per see)... Snopes writes, "Harris did say that she believed women who had come forward to claim that Biden had touched them inappropriately. At an event in Carson City, Nevada, on April 2, 2019, a reporter asked Harris the following question: “As somebody who has a relationship with Vice President Biden, what message would you give the women who feel like their space has been invaded in the past, by the vice president?” Harris replied: “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.” She believed these women were touched inappropriately. Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the consent of the recipient. As I mentioned before, I don't condone it in any form. Nobody thinks Kamala was his buddy. We all think Kamala was his sugar baby. I do have an issue with Jared Kushner. However, he's doing his job for free and is an advisor. He certainly doesn't need money as he's worth hundreds of millions. Don't use a false equivalence. That's a seriously lacking tactic in an argument. Sure Trump is a sugar daddy, but he's not promoting Melania to Vice President. If you're talking about Jared, I think you should look at the definition I listed above. What you're talking about is nepotism, which I am also not a fan of. Anyway, I'm not sure what you're trying to argue there. Are you trying to zing him? I don't think it'll work zinging me because I didn't vote for the guy. If someone wants to have a sugar daddy all the power to them. If someone wants to date a powerful man to help get them political gain and a nice car, all the power to them. I'm saying for what seems to be the 1000th time is that's not an admirable or respectful way to get to the top. These are two facts you cannot dispute: 1. Brown and Harris dated. 2. While dating Brown appointed Harris to two posts and gave her a BMW. You can sit there and try to justify it and attempt to spin it all you want, but sometimes a rose is a rose is a rose. Sitting here trying to argue with me about it doesn't change the fact that her suspicious promotions and relationship is public knowledge and will forever be a blight on her career. Huge difference - he never slept with Philip Ryan, Pelosi, Newsom, or Feinstein. Maybe Pelosi. ;) Honestly, does it seem odd she slept with him and got the promotions? You can say "coincidence" but he bought her a BMW in that same time. She must have been a real buddy to get that car. I'm tight with my old college roommate. I bet he buys me a Lexus because we're such pals. Seems like he was tossing things at her to keep her around. That is exactly what a sugar daddy does. sug·ar dad·dy /ˈSHo͝oɡər ˌdadē/ nounINFORMAL a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors. Definitions from Oxford Languages I'd say the same thing if a potential VP got ahead sleeping with an older woman who got him promotions and a new BMW. I think it definitely go both ways, but in this case it happens more with women. I would suspect it would be even bigger news if, say, some random in ten years runs for office and it's found out he got promotions and a car he didn't deserve when he was sleeping with a woman of power like Hilary Clinton. He'd never even make it to the podium. I'm really not trying to argue. I'm trying to tell you why she has this reputation - it's not a rumor but public knowledge. And, yeah, it does mean she at least PARTLY slept her way to where she is. She was not qualified for the positions she got and she got them by sleeping with her boss. Willie pretty much admits it! Lots of people can claim nepotism or "a little help" to get ahead, but not a lot of them will toss the cookies of an old man to get appointed to government committees. It makes one wonder if she's done that before? ""Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker," Brown said. Brown appointed Harris to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board to the Medical Assistance Commission – positions that paid her more than $400,000 over five years, according to SF Weekly. Brown also gave Harris a BMW." She was 29 and he was 60. Kinda sounds like a sugar daddy to me. Jeez, he bought her a car! Mind you they dated for what, less than a year? That's as sugar daddy as it gets. But you keep thinking she deserved those promotions over someone who earned them. You keep thinking if she didn't put her heels up she would be where she is today. So I previously explained the issue people have with her. You weren't satisfied though it is clear as day. Now you are backing up after said explanation to say it was 25 years ago and she's done more since then. That indicates that you admit it's a bad thing because you're now justifying it. But that was your original issue, right? That's why she has this well-deserved reputation. You don't have to accept it - that's your opinion - but a reputation is built on facts like I listed above. I am with you that they didn't fit. First off, anyone who would call their spouse a jackass all the time is awful. However, Ray was a jackass! He was a mama's boy, but she encouraged it by not standing up to her in-laws and allowing them to constantly babysit. It was a perfect, dysfunctional relationship. I thought Debra was absolutely gorgeous, though. I suspect Ray was constantly reminding himself of that. Robert Marie Ray Frank Debrah Amy I loved him in Out of Time. That's the only role I recall him from after Lois & Clark. 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