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It's a fun mess of a flick that didn't take itself too seriously. None of it makes sense, the cast knows it, and King admitted he was coked out of his mind the entire time. Top it off with AC/DC fitting perfectly with the tone and it's a classic. That's a really good point. Never considered that but it makes total sense. You know, that's an interesting scenario. My wife and I meet a handsome older man who wants to spend the night with me for $1 million. Would we do it? - I don't think my wife would care as it's another man. The question is if I would be willing to have gay sex as I'm not gay. I honestly don't know if I could do that. Nothing against gays, but I'm really not into that stuff. Another scenario... My wife and I meet a beautiful older woman (Nicole Kidman please) who wants to spend the night with me for $1 million. Would we do it? - Who cares what my wife thinks... I'm doing it. She can take $500k and walk away. IIRC, the Family Ties wanted Broderick for Alex P. Keaton but he didn't want to do TV, so they kept looking and settled on Fox. That's it... I'm going to start calling my iPhone the WOPR. I boycott Nike too. Mostly due to the hypocrisy of them (and Colin) running him out there with, "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it" and then make their money running sweatshops and exploiting child labor. The fishing would be insane. "Fishing the waters of Wyoming is like finding paradise on earth. With 4,200 lakes, 27,000 miles of rivers and streams and 14 reservoirs that are home to more than 22 species of fish, the opportunities are endless for casting a line on Wyoming's blue-ribbon waters." We had a discussion about this after the episode... I would think somewhere in California if you could make it - not near a big town but out in the sticks in the middle of the state or on the upper coast- would be ideal. The weather isn't as bad, lots of open land and can grow almost anything. I get that they were on their way and got stuck in Wyoming, but I certainly wouldn't stay there long-term. I'd at least try to make it to a warmer climate, even an island or someplace you know wouldn't get invaded easily. Yeah, thought the same thing. Felt like there was some stuff missing. What I bet happened was they filmed more scenes but had to cut to condense the episode. I agree completely. I felt they were going to leave them there as a bit of a cliffhanger, but tacked on that silly bit. Maybe because they didn't think there would be a fourth Ant-Man and couldn't leave it up in the air? I think this is a dud. I bet it doesn't break $80 million in the US. ha! Well, any guy who wears a shirt saying 'always angry' probably has a bit of a bias going in... I hated S1. I mean I HATED it. I didn't even try to watch S2 because I heard it was absolutely worse. I kept hearing how different this season was going to be and the preview looked promising enough. I enjoyed Strange New Worlds and I dig Next Gen so I thought I'd give it a try... ...and was pleasantly surprised. It's not perfect by any means but at least it had some fun, interesting characters, and seeing Riker and Picard as old men trying to game the system was something I didn't expect. The whole concept of Subway was you'd get a quick sandwich at a way lower cost of other sandwich restaurants - so I'd grab it to save a few bucks. At some point they raised their prices enough that the cost of their sandwiches was inching closer to other sandwich places, yet the quality didn't change. I can't remember the last time I ate there... I hate to say it but I agree with you. I kind of thought it was a little far-fetched but went with it. It would have been interesting to show a scene where she took leadership and how. I guess her going in and shooting the doctor was supposed to show her resolve. I think it had to do with her brother. She was his right-hand man and when he died it was a natural progression the masses would look to her to continue his leadership. Armageddon and Deep Impact were months apart.... First Blood. I remember it like it was yesterday. For Joel, and the audience, to realize there is no reason to survive if there isn't something to protect and love. He had lost his lover but gained a purpose to keep going... keeping the girl safe. Let's see if it sticks... I went to his No More Tours Tour back in 1992.