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Why is this movie anti-hippie? What was wrong with Cliff? Why didn't Princess Jasmine use her wealth to help the poor? The Beatles should do a reunion. Why are some of the cats naked? Why didn't they make any sequels? This cat was exploited to death... Batman vs. Batwoman She did nothing wrong. Ugly, stupid, annoying protagonist View all posts >


[quote]Have you ever seen the original poster for The Wizard of Oz (1939)? The Wizard is shown on it because the entire story revolves around him even though the story is about Dorthy. [/quote] Yeah, but Dorothy and her friends travel to him, their purpose is to meet him, and he helps them at the end of the movie, Sharon Tate however is barely mentioned by Rick and Cliff. [quote]She had everything to do with the other characters[/quote] No, she hadn't, she just prances around Hollywood, looking cute and at the end of the movie she hears some noise outside and invites Rick inside her house...But there is no story to her, she doesn't do anything significant, we only see her walking, driving her car, watching a movie at the cinema, meeting some friends, etc... [quote]the whole film revolved around her. with events all building toward her 'murder'[/quote] But she didn't die, she had absolutely nothing to do with the other characters... [quote]Most Muslims aren't terrorists[/quote] Exactly, imagine if Tarantino would make a movie let's say about a terrorist attack, and the agents who are investigating the case would be like: "fucking dirty Muslims", "Muslim assholes", etc...; can you imagine how people would react to this? [quote]They were a bunch of hippies/druggies who had taken over a place he knew. He wanted to make sure the owner was ok, and the hippies were being unreasonable as far as letting him see the owner.[/quote] The hippies were very friendly, one of them even offered to suck his cock while he was driving, what man in his right mind would turn down this, ain't nothing wrong with getting your dick sucked while you are speeding in a cool ass car... Also the owner of the ranch didn't even remember him or give a shit about him... That's the photo from the imdb page, and imdb is running a little scam: they would put the most unflattering photo of an actor to force him to get an official imdb pro account with them and be able to edit his page and change the photo. [quote]TLDR: How is it NOT her fault?[/quote] Because she hired people who had just one job and failed at it, what's so hard to understand? There are many cases in history for example when companies, businesses or whole countries were destroyed because their leaders where surrounded only by incompetent idiots. [quote]Anyone can have an idea. A true entrepreneur does what’s necessary and LEARNS what’s necessary to make those ideas actually happen. Holmes did none of that. She just used her family’s contacts to pull a massive con on a lot of undeservedly rich dudes who thought (and still do think) that they’re a lot smarter than they actually are.[/quote] Holmes had the idea and took action - she found investors and then hired people - scientists, reasearchers, technicians - to make her idea reality. However those guys failed at their job, how was this Holmes' fault? No, it's one of the worst movie I've ever seen... It says in the "Recommended For You FAQ": [i]We take all of the movies and TV shows that you have either rated or added to your Watchlist and then compare your data to ratings made by other IMDb users. We can then find movies and TV shows that people with similar tastes to you like. For each recommendation, you can see a list of the movies or TV shows upon which the recommendation was based. You have either rated these titles highly, or added them to your Watchlist.[/i] View all replies >