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Are film critics still relevant today? Why aren't cutaways used in other shows/movies? What's with all the dicks drawn on the walls? What's the deal with the second party(the fancy one)? Why was Beth such a huge slut? Where is the police? Who do you think will be next? How about another Rambo movie? What was wrong with Eloise? Why are all the white males in this movie so creepy? View all posts >


[quote]That’s news to Eschyus, Euripides and Eumenides.[/quote] Who? But even now there are tons of dirty drawings on walls and fences everywhere, however you don't see this in contemporary movies or TV shows. Back then the footage wasn't sped up, it was shot at around 16fps and projected at the same speed. Only when they started to convert old silent films to be shown on modern projectors and TVs, they increased the speed. How old is your daughter? If you look at the women chess players from that era, most of them were rather unattractive, nerdy, stiff, with no sense of fashion, they send a strong asexual vibe, I really doubt they had loose morals. She stole their secrets... Yeah, but they aren't black, women or gay... I don't even know what that means. What are you talking about, sports competitions are huge, the fans are almost fanatical in their support, there are sometimes huge riots and fights between opposing teams that end with dozens or even hundreds of injured or dead people. He doesn't look much shorter than the other guys in GOT, height also matters less in a battle when you're using weapons like spears or swords, as for his personality I would say he just didn't have one, he was mostly emotionless like a robot... Also I don't see how exactly is this relevant to this other show, her plays a different character. View all replies >