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Why is George Lucas quiet? What was the deal with those assassins? What can he do for revenge while he is still president? What's with the porn scenes? Who is this guy? If he survives the coronavirus... Can someone explain this movie? Can someone explain this movie? What's your favorite food? How did that knife end up in her hand? View all posts >


[quote]She practically directed me to go to the bail bondsman and pay $1,000 of the $10,000 bail to get her out. Not pleading, crying, but DIRECTING. I told her "I'll go to the ATM and get as much out as I can", which seemed to satisfy her. I hung up and simply went back to watching TV.[/quote] You're a horrible boyfriend...She probably "directed" you because she was desperate and in shock, you could had at least pay the bail and discuss things later. There's more to a man than his looks... He was watching Oprah, the scene seems more like made to get some laughs... [quote]Female to male.. why the hell would anyone want to be male? She was a cute 5'1" woman, now she's a 5'1" midget dude, weird. [/quote] She wants that sweet "male privilege" she keeps hearing about. Most FTM transgenders think that becoming a male will somehow magically bring all sort of opportunities their way, that wouldn't have happened if they were a female. Yes, this is called transracial, there are already some people who claim to be another race like Rachel Dolezal. There are also transage people, Stefonknee Wolscht is an example - a guy in his fifties who self-identifies as a 6-year-old girl. [url][/url] He's married to a woman - a butch lesbian type, so he's probably not dating anyone else yet... Are you Ellen/Elliot Page, you opened a lot of meaningless topics here, their only purpose seem to be to reinforce that "she" is now a "he". Naah, that's from veganism, there are several online vegan women advocates who also have that gaunt, unhealthy look and a receding hairline after several years of vegan diet. I don't get it, why did he say he wants to be referred as he/them, the imdb page already has this weird info mixing the singular and the plural: They have an older stepbrother and stepsister. Their hidden talent is juggling. Like, wtf is this? The photo is from imdb, and they are actually running a little scam - they use the worst photos of actors to force them to get a paid imdb pro account and then they are able to change the photo. View all replies >