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Is she a fraud? What is she famous for? Why didn't he try to escape? What's a shucker? Why did those peasants attack them? Why didn't they abandon the submarine? Why did the Atlanteans live underwater? Would you let your children near a celebrity? Is it wrong for a man to have children as friends? Why was Jerry so mean to Rupert? View all posts >


He had a knife with him, he probably used it to cut his hair and beard. He could have dug a tunnel in 7 years and escape. A car could have picked him up and take him to a safe place. The man has millions of fans, I'm pretty sure some of them would have helped him to escape. Some other country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with US: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. [quote]There is no way that they could have survived that.[/quote] Why not, there are people who freedived even to a depth of 200 meters, I'm pretty sure at least some of them could have held their breath for a few minutes until they would have reached the surface. [quote] I think one on my students exact words were "I've known her almost my entire life and I don't think I ever saw her smile." [/quote] She seems to have a really fake smile in all her interviews... This is how women are in real life... Probably because most kids have already seen porn already these days, I saw with my own eyes, kids in the park who watched porn on a smartphone and were giggling... Some parents also show porn to their kids, for educational purposes, they consider it's better this way, than to have some stranger show them porn for the first time. [quote]Tomorrow when you go into work, tell everyone with kids that you just love boys aged 7-12, and would like to make a best friend of one, and have him over for sleepovers where you can give him wine and show him porn.[/quote] You got it all wrong, I'm not sick and trying to take advantage of boys with alcohol and porn. But he has a huge heart! Yeah, but Rupert helped him get away from his crazy fans, he gave him a gift(the Pride and Joy photo), he invited him to lunch, he even agreed to help him with the show for six weeks... View all replies >