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WTF is with this movie? Why was she living like a bum? What was so special about Dease's paintings? Why don't we have mobile cities in real life? Why did Freddie become gay? How does Venom eat people? Why is Professor X poor now? Where was the Police all this time? Why did they mess up the robbery? So...what is she doing now? View all posts >


Apparently this movie was supposed to be just a satire about the art world, but a producer decided to make it a horror movie, Malkovich's character probably had a point in the original script... But there are tons of similar painting by other artists. And the gimmick of using bodily fluids mixed with paint is nothing new. There aren't many pirates in this day and age and they usually don't live in international waters, they just attack ships there. Lead-cooled fast reactor - they can be made in all sorts of sizes and can be cooled by natural convection. [url][/url] A nuclear reactor could provide all the energy required for moving and powering the city. Yeah, but those are for tourists, I'm talking about a real floating city where people would actually live and work. There are lots of people who tried to start their own country without success, a floating city in international waters seems to me the best idea, no other country will be able to interfere with your city.... Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to make a different movie, with lots of hardcore gay sex in it, the other band members didn't want this, if you watch his other movies(Borat, Bruno, Grimsby) there are all sorts of outrageous gay scenes there. Then why didn't Berg marry? It was just a friendly touch, the Japanese guy had six children, he wasn't gay. And when he was asked if he was queer by that general, he avoided answering the question. In my opinion he was probably asexual, which was a condition pretty hard to explain back then... They didn't show any gays there, he was probably there for some spying stuff, Berg's life was an enigma, there's no definite proof that he was gay. View all replies >