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Can someone explain this movie? Can someone explain this movie? What's your favorite food? How did that knife end up in her hand? What's with the pig? The Meg Show Chicken skin? Was Harlan banging Marta? Why did Ford hire Ken? Why aren't the Griffins in prison? View all posts >


Imdb is scamming actors by putting their worst photo on the front page, they can change it only if they make a pro account and pay imdb a monthly fee. What do you mean, how is relevant if it's a male or female pig? I don't understand two out of those three words from the title... I'm from Romania, we had oysters before US even existed, every supermarket with fresh fish also has them, but they never seemed appealing to me, what's so special about them? I've seen oyster for sale but never ate them, are they different from regular edible mussels or clams? If you need a specialized person to open them, they seem like just too much trouble, are they really that tasty...? I was thinking at choosing a can opener and mention in the interview that my favorite food is canned meat, so this way I would always have something to eat, while the other people won't be able to open the can. [quote]Protein bar encased in shit. Guaranteed to Level 333. No object needed. [/quote] That's not a real food... Also, something to defend yourself with would be a good idea, what if your partner on the same level decides to eat you? Yeah, Athena mentions Animal Farm and the fact that she nicknamed Crystal, Snowball but still, why put a pig in the crate with guns? But chicken fat is healthy...Besides, there's not much skin on a chicken in proportion to the meat. [quote]Shelby... He knew Ken's true value to the racing team.[/quote] But what exactly was his value, what did he do that others couldn't do, I never understood Shelby's obsession with him... View all replies >