Memeito's Replies

Looks like she's a gamer girl now, she's on twitch and youtube streaming video games, LOL! [quote]Memieto, he’s trying to tell you there were no Nazis in WWI. [/quote] There were many Nazis in WWI, including Hitler who was a soldier at that time. He was a message-runner just like the main characters in this movie, it would have been cool if they had bumped into him... Germans, Nazis = same thing! The photo is from imdb and they are running a little scam there. They put the most unflattering photo on the front page, to persuade celebrities to get a paid Imdb pro account and be able to change their photos. The Nazis were very evil - they tortured, raped and killed many people including civilians, they were the first to use poison gas, they bombed undefended towns without warning, they sunk civilian ships with their submarines, etc. It's nothing like Gallipoli. [quote]I'm sure she would've grabbed a handful at some point.[/quote] Women almost never initiate sex, if the man doesn't make a move, then a relationship can stay sexless indefinitely, there was a case when a woman found out after a few decades of marriage that her husband who just died was actually a woman, they never had sex... He explained that his relationship with his wife is not physical, so he's probably just a cuck husband, he just betabux. [quote]The Grocer shoved her, but he didn't plow her through a plate glass door, and he didn't stomp on her hand until the bones were broken. It was disproportionately brutal, and she was thoroughly embarrassed over it.[/quote] Then why didn't she say anything when the grocer was beaten, she could have stopped her dad by shouting at him: "Hey dad, enough, what's the matta' with you!!?" [quote]So who decides the stories ? The government ? Public ? What if people hate those movies , what then ? Hahaha [/quote] If Star Wars enters the public domain anyone could then make their own Star Wars movies, shows and video games, it will be just like other public domain stuff such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, etc. - this will end the damaging monopoly of Disney. I was thinking more at nationalizing the Star Wars franchise, in many countries when the government wants to save an important asset that is ruined by a private company, that asset is simply confiscated and becomes public... He protected his Mafia [i]family[/i], it was just as important as his real family, once you are in it, you can't just leave it otherwise you real family will suffer. He beat that guy because he shoved her, she should have been grateful. Anyway, he probably should have explained to her what he is doing, from an early age: "Daddy is killing some very bad people, because otherwise they will kill us, OK pumpkin?"... Huh, what do you mean, her father showed her only love... Where do you live? The South Park guys support her most likely, why would they make fun of her? [quote]And she will still be a minor. Do we need to get Chris Hanson in here? "Have a seat", lol.[/quote] In Sweden the age of consent is 15. Pretty much in all of Europe the age of consent is lower than 18, only in US you can go to prison for having sex with a so-called underage person. So, is she still a virgin? "LOL! Wtf country do you live in?" Romania. All high-school girls here usually wear makeup and fancy clothes, only the nerdy and ugly girls don't wear it... "How many women do you see walking down the street with lipstick, mascara, rouge, etc." A lot! Also, I'm not talking about about just walking down the street, but going to various events, most women put some makeup when they go to socialize. "Also, Greta is just 16 years old." In my country, most girls start putting makeup since they are 12.