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If they signed the release in that condition they have a good case. Even if the producers came back a few days later, those guys could argue that they could not remember what was said, and hey offering a college kid $1,000 or so to sign a paper... To call the female uniforms sexist today is to ignore the social times that the show was made in. In the 50's and the 60's there was great pressure for women to be demure. Displaying sexuality in any form of dress was taboo for a long, long time. This show was made in 1966, just the start of a kind of social revolution about sexual attitudes. The short skirts was a rebellion of sorts to this 'ladies are demure' attitude that was common for 40 some years. Uhura explains this in an interview. Think 'Barbarella' 1968 starring Jane Fonda...major films like this just weren't made before, this was the sexual revolution of the time. Sir, with all due respect, your analysis of Japans reactions to the prospect of a Soviet invasion is wrong. Your thought that Hirohito had ultimate power and 'revered as a God' is also, well....slightly off. The power dynamic was quite different. I implore you to educate yourself by reading 'Hirohito and the making of modern Japan' by Herbert Bix, winner of the Pulitzer prize. It will inform you of the power of the Togo militaristic wing and the character of Hirohito himself. The thought that the incredibly brave Japanese would immediately surrender upon Soviet invasion is the biggest error in your thinking. This is a paragraph from page 494 of Bix's book; 'From April 8th, 1945 until its capitulation, the Suzuki government's chief war policy was "Ketsugo", a further refinement of the "Shosango" (Victory number 3) plan for defense of the homeland. Its defining characteristic was heavy reliance of suicide tactics, and the manufacture of weapons solely for the purpose of suicide missions using massive numbers of kamikaze 'special attack' planes, human torpedoes shot from submarines, dynamite-filled "crash boats" powered with truck engines, human rocket bombs carried by aircraft, and suicide charges by specially trained ground units. While preparations for Operation Ketsu went forward, on June 9 a special session of the Imperial Diet passed a Wartime Emergency Measures Law and five other measures designed to mobilize the entire nation for that last battle.' The American marines were already painfully aware of the Japan 'warrior code' of never surrender. If the Soviets did invade the Japanese homeland, every man woman and child would do everything in their power to stop them. You don't BROADCAST to the WORLD that you will only accept unconditional surrender....and then give into a condition! Unless you want to appear weak. THAT is exactly what Stalin and the Japanese government would see. It is like a solid wall with one small crack. They will stall...look for more cracks...or try to make more. There was a STRONG contingent in the Japanese government would never accept surrender. Japans negotiators were not a unified front that you portray. To think that if the Americans gave into one condition and that the Japanese would IMMEDITIALY accept is naïve. Also, your view of the opinions of 5 star generals is a little off. For negotiations is not their field of expertise. While we can all agree that nuclear weapons are barbaric, generals receive promotions for successful battles. Finally, Japan should have reasoned out that the emperor would be in no danger and would have been kept as a figurehead. After all, the US would be occupying the country and executing the emperor would have placed occupying US troops in jeopardy. You are making a very large assumption..... that if the USA were to concede by letting Hirohito stay on it would have no effect on the negotiating process. We are not and will never be certain of this. A person with your obvious intellect should be able to figure out that if the USA were to give into conditions BEFORE surrender, it COULD (in my mind probably would) give the Japanese generals and Stalin one thing...hope. Hope for the Japanese war generals that they could gain more concessions if they dragged it out awhile longer, hope for Stalin that he could carve out a piece of Japan for himself. One should never underestimate the power of hope. . I was more aware of the style of directing than liberal bias. I was correct about the budget however...much less than Apollo 13. I stand corrected. I am going to see First Man today. The movie got away with it because it never showed both actors TOGETHER. If it did the 'unreality' of the situation would become evident to viewers. Coming back to this argument years later, I admit I come off a bit like a douche bag, but hey I was younger and more immature. Pretty sure that is why they included the chubby young female Asian in the last one. But it did not help, it bombed in China. Britain recently past a law that commercials cannot 'reinforce stereotypes'. If you noticed in America, all commercials with janitors or criminals are white men. View all replies >