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This movie really needed some comic relief This movie is a litmus test for a persons maturity level Will HBO's expose have a lasting effect on his legacy? When did the audience applaud when you watched it? Alex Honnald having his brain tested The most 'scientific' major movie ever made? There is a reason why they call it a 'cockpit' After Clint Eastwood..any Republicans left in Hollywood? Danny... left alone to wander "The RIGHT people...will get this movie" - Steve Martin View all posts >


If Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, Beyonce would all come out publicly AGAINST Michael Jackson....I think that would do something. The $100's of millions that the Jackson family receives in royalties would evaporate. was not very noticeable in the movie...the housemaid only had one line. To add....The Soviets had a 'nuclear torpedo'....and the US was trying to up them with 'practice barrel bombs' (ones that would not damage the Soviet subs but would make the same sound). But how was the Soviet captain to know the difference? Having African-Americans as housekeepers and waiters. (The hotel scene). It bums people out, reminds them of slavery...they not depicted as such in most movies (or even commercials) today. Generally, most comedic style is generational...(except slapstick, which spans generations). Bill Murray's comedic style and timing really made this film, and he is a comic god for my generation. I have watched supposed comedic classics that were made before I was born (Seven Year Itch comes to mind) and I had the same reaction as you...Ok but why a classic? dude… THOUSAND posts? how did you find the time to watch the movie? People prefer Cockers version by 5 to 1 from patients that chew gum. T Stark is essentially the embodiment of human ingenuity in design mechanics. However even HIS best effort was literally fatally flawed, killing its user. It was a 3 hour movie. But I see you are like me...maybe a half-hour less on the tear-jerker scenes and more focus on building stuff! I have had such training. Trust me, it lasts. Training is repeated over and over so it goes into 'muscle memory', so when your life if threatened, you don't even have to consciously think about just do it. The gangster, seemed to disagree with his boss on the phone, arguing that attending to his wife's funeral was a solid excuse. This would cause a sense of empathy from the gangster, and despite being a tough guy, he is not a robot, but human. Empathy causes hesitation. Hesitation in combat is a bad thing. We don't know how the conflict went down...You seem to envision that the gangster got off the phone drew his gun and shot a 90 year old man in broad daylight like 'The Terminator'. More likely is that they tried to knock him unconscious to be carried to a nearby van or car. The old man played possum and quickly dispatched the two as they approached to pick him up. I also think it is highly likely that he did have a gun, he supported the VFW, most people would not give to 25K the VFW if they were not proud vets. Most military vets keep their guns throughout their lifetime. I envision him having an old Colt automatic in the small of his back,the gangsters cursory search missed it. Perhaps with the release of the DVD that scene will be added in, and a plausible combat scenario would be shown to your satisfaction. View all replies >