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This movie really needed some comic relief This movie is a litmus test for a persons maturity level Will HBO's expose have a lasting effect on his legacy? When did the audience applaud when you watched it? Alex Honnald having his brain tested The most 'scientific' major movie ever made? There is a reason why they call it a 'cockpit' After Clint Eastwood..any Republicans left in Hollywood? Danny... left alone to wander "The RIGHT people...will get this movie" - Steve Martin View all posts >


I think what the OP is saying is that do you think Prof X actions in THIS movie merit his being kicked out and named changed on the academy he founded? I agree with the OP that his kicking out is not just. If he resigned that would be OK, but it seemed like he was forced out. Not many performers can 'one-up' a Beatles song...Cocker did, hence the word brilliant. If you weren't moved by that soulful performance perhaps Sha Na Na is more your speed. If Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, Beyonce would all come out publicly AGAINST Michael Jackson....I think that would do something. The $100's of millions that the Jackson family receives in royalties would evaporate. was not very noticeable in the movie...the housemaid only had one line. To add....The Soviets had a 'nuclear torpedo'....and the US was trying to up them with 'practice barrel bombs' (ones that would not damage the Soviet subs but would make the same sound). But how was the Soviet captain to know the difference? Having African-Americans as housekeepers and waiters. (The hotel scene). It bums people out, reminds them of slavery...they not depicted as such in most movies (or even commercials) today. Generally, most comedic style is generational...(except slapstick, which spans generations). Bill Murray's comedic style and timing really made this film, and he is a comic god for my generation. I have watched supposed comedic classics that were made before I was born (Seven Year Itch comes to mind) and I had the same reaction as you...Ok but why a classic? dude… THOUSAND posts? how did you find the time to watch the movie? People prefer Cockers version by 5 to 1 from patients that chew gum. View all replies >