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As you approach middle age your hearing is not as good as it used to be. Background noises cloud what is being said, accents make the problem worse. Disney obviously knew of the actors accent and were fine with it. It is a odd choice, how many movies does the lead actor have a accent? Maybe 5%? If that. It seems that Disney wanted to go with an 'international flavor' to the rebels. Movie making is a international business and wanted to include all races in it, good for ticket sales. However, if look closely all actors in the Empire are...white males. After they tested the Death Stars weapon, they cut to a scene inside the Death Star, no fewer than a dozen middle aged white men were congratulating each other, nobody from another race. It seems Disney only feels safe making white men the villain. I guess they don't want to be called racist online. Disney is a publicly traded company. Box office earnings are factor in gauging their stock price. If Disney intentionally MISINFORMED the public of its box office earnings, this would be a huge scandal in the business world. Trust would be eroded and Disney's stock would plummet. People responsible would not only be fired but probably face prison time. I watch CNBC regularly and your 'rumor post' is the first time that I have heard of this. If you have any clear evidence please let CNBC know because it would be HUGE news! Jesus pal no need for trolling personal attacks! Ryker huh...seems that even the Klingons in the Next-Generation spoke better English than Luna, in fact Worf sounds almost Shakespearean in comparison. In that show there are hardly ANY accents (besides pure alien) Listen, I am a huge fan of Star Trek and IDIC and diversity, but if you are given a plum multi-million dollar roll as a actor and you are speaking ENGLISH.....Put some work in with a English coach and get rid of you accent! Mel Gibson, Arnold S., Sean Connery could give Luna references. It used to be a matter of pride, but I think Disney had $$$ in mind..a poster opined earlier that it was a siren song to Hispanic/Spanish worldwide viewers and to increase Star Wars base. (But he died in the end soo...) It was not 'becoming more poweful'... the theme given to women was resiliency, I thought that was clear. Many women who have been through trauma blame themselves. The danger the movie edges on is that all (white)men are bad and/or not to be trusted. All white men depicted in this movie at some point were untrustworthy. Mr. Colson was cloned and almost killed Fury. Fury's boss was cloned and tried to do the same. *Spoiler Jude Law's character was ultimately deemed untrustworthy. Ms. Marvel also had trust issues with her father. Even the white security guard that the movie kind of goofed on by playing 'What a Man' ( one of only three overweight/unkempt men in the movie) gave her location away to authorities. Being feminist can be a double edged sword. It can easily blur into man-hater. 'other than men being sexist and misogynists and hating women very much, because this is what white men do'. See how easy it turns... Headstrong women are the 'it' thing in Hollywood these days . Watching the Oscars with the #metoo movement and the #oscarssowhite are having its effect. I agree that this movie has a pro-women message. Labeling it as 'Feminist' might be going too far. That being said, there are millions of women in the world who have been raped and/or battered by uncaring men. If this movie can help these women become stronger and overcome....Viewers should have no problem with that and not be hyper-critical. By the way, the Disney had to pay Jamie Lee Curtis to use her image. I imagine that Arnold would have wanted a least 1 million minimum. Oh...yeah, sorry for people who did not see the movie... 'the reason they call it a cockpit'...was a quote in the movie from a asshole pilot who looked down on female pilots. This gave fuel and determination to the headstrong Ms. Marvel. Well, either the directing style or the story,it will go down as a mistake because it bombed at the box office. Word of mouth (instead of smartphones) goes big in the over 50 crowd. I viewed this movie in its second week in the theaters, I knew it was a bad sign when I was the only one in the theater. The director was born in 1985. The style he used is just not appealing to older generations used to a steady cam. One can usually ascertain what target demographic the movie is trying to appeal to looking for by how they spend the advertising budget. I will place a bet that a hefty portion of it was on media that attracts older eyes. I might not know the correct lingo, but I do know that the current fad of zooming in super close is extremely annoying. But it seems to be more common now. I tried to watch one of those CSI tv shows that the director was doing the same thing, tight closeups with a shaky obviously hand-held cam. I lased 5 minutes. Maybe it is the effect of prolonged smartphone use among the populace? Where everybody uses them to 'film' every event in their lives....people have become accustomed to this style and therefore less annoyed. Senior citizens, the over 50 crowd, people interested in history (who tend to be older males). View all replies >