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We're all going to have a different opinion for this one. Mine would be "Chance of a Lifetime" starring Leslie Nielsen and Betty White. Love this movie again and again but just watched and picked up something new. With the new Gunslinger's enhancements he can see Benjamin's horse's hooves, however isn't the horse a robot? And to go a step further, you might say how can the Gunslinger see Benjamin's boot soles but perhaps Benjamin's body heat is leaking through?? Regardless of these inconsistencies, it is because of these details right or wrong that make this movie so believable and enjoyable so Thank You! We treasure and hold close to us those celebrities that have touched our hearts deeply, and we do not like the idea of a replacement coming in assertively and taking their place. No one can fill Jonathan Frid's shoes. He just looked like a vampire and the wonderful man that he was inside shined through as well. But when Ben Cross came along I was thoroughly pleased with his performance - an excellent choice! He had all that it took for the part and I'm only sorry that the mini series could not have continued after that fabulous ending! I've always thought it so funny to read that Frid received tons of fan mail containing photographs of women in low cut gowns saying "Bite Me Barnabus". Of course ... everyone on this post already knows this lol. I've been waiting an eternity for a Jetson's live action movie to come out! Rosie especially would be simple with today's technology. Over the years I've imagined a cast I thought was suitable but as time kept passing, those stars keep getting older. I was originally convinced that Judge Reinhold would make the perfect George Jetson, he seemed so much like him. I did recently read of a possible 2020 live action with the following cast but not certain how I feel about them: Seth MacFarlane/George, Julia Roberts/Jane, Bella Thorne/Judy, Miles Bashki/Elroy, Ellen Degeneres/Rosie and Danny DeVito/Mr. Spacely. Would be fun to see. I also agree with another post that this scene is meant to be humorous, however my technical opinion is speed. In 'Spider-Man' he was able to transfer from his bedroom ceiling to under the ledge outside his open window without being caught. In the beginning I too thought the same about the mask's cheap look, but I've come to really love Gobbie's' evil persona captured, and I don't mind the outfit. Very comic-bookie and entertaining which is one of the many reasons I watch the film. Finally someone noticed! The doctor's presentation of his magnificent tentacle arms, resistant to radiation and great strength come to life was accompanied by the same soaring selection of music with the same overpowering feelings as when the box summoned the cenobites in "Hellbound, Hellraiser II". I love this music! to elaborate further - for the Original ending, I think the freeze-frame scene where the camera slowly pulls away should be Sean and Christina kissing, but not continued on into the Alternate ending. We all traveled the rough ride with Colter and want to watch 'Jake's' expressions as he experiences happiness and wins with Christina, not have to get used to a new person for the final 5 minutes. It would be like 'Beauty and the Beast' where Belle spends the whole story getting to know and falls in love with the beast only to immediately have accept a brand new image, thus her comment "how would you feel about growing a beard?" Both endings are good. Yes I have a difficult time accepting that a parallel universe was created out of this with two Christina's, etc. as where would it end since Beleaguered Castle is already promising 8 or more Source Code's up and running in the near future. And I can dream - but sending email's across realities just was not making it for me. Actually I wasn't as concerned about there being two Christina's as I was about what was going to happen to Goodwin's job after the door got opened lol. Plus reading another post that proposed if Sean's mind traded with Colter's and Source Code continued this path, poor Goodwin would have to remember who she was talking to: a pilot, a teacher, etc. etc. which also becomes just too hard to accept. Certainly makes fun food for thought though. I have not seen 'Stepford Wives' or 'Deja Vu' so will put them on my watch list. I agree. I am old school and would rather believe that this is how Christmas is supposed to be. Thank you all for your heartwarming replies. View all replies >