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I could say the exact opposite though, that your life has no value [i] unless [/i] it has an inevitable end. Why should you value something that lasts forever? Why is your life miserable, if you don't mind my asking? I know, I mean beheading a man in front of his girlfriend and then attempting to rape and torture her is one thing, but calling people a culturally insensitive name is just going too far. At least you think you're original. Did you not see Ocean's 8? Different studio, but this is far from the last of its kind. They'll be remaking old movies with entirely female casts for a while, before their wallets have been sufficiently drained and they realise it's a mistake. Yeah, disabling the comments is an obvious sign of cowardice, easily translated as "No one challenge me, I prefer my echo chamber and I just want to virtue signal". Which wouldn't get her anywhere since she'd be out of the job soon anyway. She allowed him to do what he wanted to her in exchange for his dedication as a nightcrawler to providing her with the most gruesome and compelling video footage. This was a mutually beneficial arrangement, or at least that appears to be how she viewed it. Not just any 60 year-old woman, Rene Russo, who is a GILF. Obviously oblivious... obviously... oblivious. Obliviously obvious. Obliviobviously. I'm done. Do you happen to have a link to the second draft of the script? View all replies >