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The opening scene No, Butch didn't key Vincent's car. Am I the only one who watched this movie and thought... Irrfan Khan was terrible in this What was the point of showing so many scenes with Compys? Anyone think that Maisie was Lex's daughter? View all posts >


Bless, you're mistaking everyday Muslims for the handful you see burning US flags in Syria. Same for the frog. Agreed. A completely jarring character to the tone of the movie and annoying as well. EUROPE TILL I DIE. OUT ON HERE IN EUROPE WE BOMB ON YOU M'F'KERS. YOU THINK YOU THE MOB, WE THE M'F'KING MOB. Wife because the daughter, although aged 22 in real life, does look around 14/15. Actually he said 'bitching'. She mistook it for 'bitch'. Nah. And why exactly are you saying that? It has nothing to do with my question. My question is, BEFORE this revelation, did anyone think she might be Lex's daughter. Because the scene with Old Man Lockwood came way before the clone revelation. Lockwood's comment came before we discovered she was a clone. It bloated the film. Spielberg himself has said that dinosaurs getting to the mainland was something he wanted to explore in JP3 but when he realised he would be unlikely to direct the third film, he tagged it on here. View all replies >