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HMMMMM what about.... Danny McBride LOSER Illuminati Okay serious question... Bunny & Ducky okay any reviews yet? So much's comical Is this worth watchin? Is this worth watchin? View all posts >


Steve Carell would be my 2nd choice I hear yeah to a point, but dayymn, even samurai marry and have kids. I truly hope they show this dude a lil more human than this. Yes, I’m Dolemite. I’m the one that killed Monday, whupped Tuesday and put Wednesday in the hospital! Called up Thursday to tell Friday not to bury Saturday on Sunday! I'm new to this too...can't wait to watch this wit my wife Black Panther is just as much "racist" as Spiderman, Batman and Superman. Begone, colonist! racist lol Not to disagree nor nitpick, but the story dealt with more of these veterans feeling the hard times and urge to embrace crime life as an escape from ptsd and poverty. Great movie I need help with the interpretation of the last one. I know they were traveling to the afterlife but some of the stories they shared...I need more connections as to the "bounty hunters" "loogie-sex" shaming! I'm just about Dead! Khabib is a mutant BEAST. He can't be beat. He not only beat Conor, he beat his team up too. View all replies >