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Shropshire! Do you know Mr. Jabez Wilson from down at Shoscombe Old Place? I'll go with 2800 to 2400 BC, Sumeria. I'd like to hang wif Gilgamesh. Who cares when she's that hot! Wait a minute, she's not hot at all. She looks like a retarded stork. I'll do it Price is Right style and say 76. Was the angel an interpreter, or was it just hanging around with Vince and the UT? I think it was the best show on tv when it was airing. It was basically like getting 10 full length sequel movies to Army of Darkness. I hear that. Once you've had your fill of partying and socializing, it all becomes tedious and annoying. Nowadays, I try to think of excuses not to do some activity cuz it's usually more enjoyable to just lay around relaxing and doing nothing. Laws yes! They had in their Sunday chicklets. Sure they seem adorable right up until they smash your skull like a clam on their tummy. So that's why he was being followed by people banging coconuts together! I wondered about that. I knew it! You hate otters! And probably other types of aquatic rodents as well. It's 2019 for crying out loud! He's a pompous jerk! You only think that because you're a homophobe. Or a racist. Or at least have some unreasonable hatred of otters. We'll be all right unless they have some giant robot camels. Don't you mean "pique". You can't even spell! I'm not sure if that's accurate. Women laugh at me all the time, and I never get in! Well pre-sale tickets already have it worldwide at 5 billion dollars That's silly! We all know it's about glowing swords and space muppets. It's only a galaxy not a whole universe. One that is far, far away I hear. I laughed longer and harder at the chicken wings scene than the entire American Pie movie, so I'll say Tommy Boy.