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I never heard that about bassists. I can’t listen to the Hawkwind song Lord of Light from the album Doremi Fasol Latido with Lemmy jamming on bass and give any sort of credence to that belief. I’ve always heard the common perception that drummers are dumb, but that’s probably not true either. [url][/url] I defy anyone to listen to the bass in that song and tell me it doesn’t matter. With this thread, every name that gets put out there it’s just like “Well it’s tough to argue with that”. Except for maybe when someone said Bjork. But even then, her voice is so unique, I’d be interested to see what the result would be if she toned down the weirdness and was put at the front of a hard rock or metal band. It’s so weird to think about it, but Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, and Scott Weiland are all dead. Eddie Vedder is the only remaining of the big 5 grunge icons. Is it possible to argue against The Yardbirds spawning the greatest collection of musical talent in the history of rock? I just listened to Child in Time yesterday. Insanely awesome! I lift weights to stay in shape and have since jr high, but not to the extreme where I look all gross and bumpy like The Thing from Fantastic 4. I feel it’s better off for the muscles to be fit, strong and flexible, but not weird and bulky. Unless you plan on making it a career, I guess. I can never control the reaction and end up wiping out an entire city. The worst part is that the potato is still crunchy afterwards. Oh yeah, and the two headed mutants. You stole my answer. Are you Jake from State Farm? [url][/url] Sorry, you are right. I was considering Kaukonen for the second guitarist on my Opening act but I didn't want to have two people from the same band. I have fixed it. Casady is now on bass. I wondered why Jorma kept giving me weird looks when I went back in time in my telephone booth and pushed him inside and told him he was going to play bass in my all-time rock band. That would explain why I never heard that screen name before. More so if he was a drill sergeant. GET OFF THAT COMPUTER AND GIVE ME TWENTY! LOOK AT YOU WITH ALL THAT HAIR ON YOUR HEAD! I'M GONNA CALL YOU HAIR-HEAD! DO YOU GET ME, SOLDIER! I CAN'T HEARRRRRRRRRR YOU!!! Sounds more interesting than the usual "I'm gonna drive, and I'm gonna go fast, and I'm gonna turn to the left sometimes!" My favorite was red uniformed Snoke henchman #6. That guy was the bomb! I believe the 94 miniseries was the only film adaption of this story. I like these choices because besides the Zeppelin guys, they are different picks than you would usually see for this type of thing. Yeah it was hard for me to leave Flea and Peart off (and Ritchie Blackmore for that matter). If there was a second opening band for me, they would have been on it. Those decades will probably recycle for a while. Maybe next cycle will include 50's and 60's. It's hard to picture the 2000s recycling though, since they seemed to be just nostalgia for past decades. Gobekli Tepe is definitely an interesting site. It's so long before recorded history, there's only some vague guesses about the people and purpose of it. Oh, to be able to travel through time and see what was up. Somebody was watching the El Rey network last night.