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Never a black murderer. I nominate: Diane Carroll Forest Whitaker Ron O'Neal Denzel Billy Dee Williams Clarence Williams III Sammy Davis Jr. There were others such as Hec Ramsey, Tenafly (didn't last long) and Banacek. I liked them all. I think some of those were on Wednesday night? -John Do we really NEED any movie? This looks like a good movie so I plan on giving it a look. ... and Hollywood Shuffle. :-( His name was Philip Dodds. He was originally brought on to set up and manage the Arp 2500 synthesizer. Spielberg liked the way he looked so he gave him the part of the Arp musician. Sadly, he died in 2007. I have wondered that from the start. And it appears to fly upside down but that I guess is explainable. John I just saw him get clobbered in the episode "Undercover" - knocked out, actually. But, no, he didn't fight back. Yes. I forgot about that. I was so amazed at the CGI animation. I forgot about Mowgli. What's even worse is that Starz reduces that end credits scene to postage stamp size to show previews. The end sequence score is phenomenal. Ha ha ha! As I was watching it I too was thinking, "Dude you really don't need that monitor!" LOL!!!! - John View all replies >