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I just saw him get clobbered in the episode "Undercover" - knocked out, actually. But, no, he didn't fight back. Yes. I forgot about that. I was so amazed at the CGI animation I forgot about Mowgli. What's even worse is that Starz reduces that end credits scene to postage stamp size to show previews. The end sequence score is phenomenal. Ha ha ha! As I was watching it I too was thinking, "Dude you really don't need that monitor!" LOL!!!! - John One of the things I noticed when I first saw this movie. I like the movie but, no, news helicopters do NOT fly that close to the ground unless they are taking off or landing. :-) - John LOL!!! Though I've seen this movie a couple times before, I just noticed it today. - John That and the fact that would not the Chinese fighters report that the saw another ship nearby? (Yeah, I know. This is two years late. :-) ) John SPOILER ALERT: [spoiler]I believe it is said that Judy is Maureen's daughter from a previous marriage and John Robinson adopted her. [/spoiler] In the original Hawaii Five-O Kono was a man. Now, Kono is a woman. Did that bother you, too? Get over it. :-/ Carsini went to prison and hooked up with some BAD people. He escaped and changed his name to Blofeld and tried to start World War III. (OK, never mind that the timeline doesn't add up.) :-) John View all replies >