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Clones...only will be good if Snoke & Luke from 8 were clones, as was deadbeat Han from 7 Completely wasted Linda Hamilton with weak ensemble cast. :( Made for TV movie??? Honestly looks terrible - CGI airplanes had that Genisys look of yawn to me. :( Ruin Johnson school of filmaking. Make unsatisfying conclusions for beloved characters. I thought "Knives Out" is the situation at Disney - getting rid of Ruin Johnson! Boycott this! Seriously can't get over how BLAND and BORING this is- devoid of imagination or inpiration! MCU next phase.....we need FF4 Reed Richards (George Clooney) and Galactus as the big bad Anyone elso Tired of Sony Marvel? Bravo Marvel Studios. Evolving characters and continuity and cameos. Wow! Enjoyable. But I thougth Infinity War was way more entertaining. Rewatchability? View all posts >


Started and ended by the great JJ- Abrahms. He is the same guy who killed the Star Trek reboot in less than .5 movies by jumping the shark - no starships required, beam anywhere. GREAT ANSWER! Thank you so much!!!! Personally, I also think Watchmen was a masterpiece! did you not like it? Well said! That Richard Lester really screwed things up! Enjoy some of dat titty milk for me! Yes JJ is soooo clever. In less than one movie rebooting Star Trek - the franchise jumped the shark and was bankrupt of ideas. No starships, and Kirk riding around in a motocross. Wow. Hahahhaha YES! Classic JJ Rip off. Could not agree with u more!!!! Inferior and perverse fan fiction. Blue Titty Milk! haha wtf. Luke will say "I am your Father" in this movie . Mark my words. JJ is such a useless Hack. I don't agree with it dragging at all. I may have thought so when I was a wee lad. Overtime, as I come to appreciate filmaking and truly what is GREAT - I don't think it drags at all. Compared with the absolute crap churned out by the likes of Zack Synder, JJ Abrahams, Michael Bay this movie is a wondrous standard that will never be equalled. I CANNOT AGREE with you more my friend. Every aspect of filmaking is at it's very pinnacle on display at it's finest here. A feast for the eyes, ears, imagination and heart. This is a BIG, IMPORTANT and EPIC movie. View all replies >