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She sure reminds me of Roseanne Barr RIP Tracy Bond and Diana Rigg Damn, just found out on here! YAAAAAAAY, The show is ending!!!!! 82 Years old now. The best movie ever! The Poster reminds me of She didn't marry her dad The Kardashians seem very nice! My advice to the filmakers of this movie View all posts >


RIP Sharon and her son. He just trying to inspire us to stay in shape. Not a bad idea, though! You gonna tell me John Wayne was a fag??? Me too. Happy viewing, yes. Yes, of ampullary cancer, back in 2013. Hope he'll be alright. "Wanted Dead Or Alive" came out in 1958. Cause they wanted to scare little kids with war scenes. Big fan of "New Zoo Review", eh? Yeah, pretty cool, eh? View all replies >