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Washingtonnative (1967)


Do any teachers like this movie? Sam thinks she had it really bad. One thing i learned from this movie... Marty's brother Dave It's a flop Can't wait to see it! Thumbs up! Regarding tonight's episode Damn, it's been cancelled! It's gonna bomb View all posts >


No I have not lost respect for De Niro, but I never respect nor trust Trump. That's wonderful! I'd give them a chance. No, and thank God I haven't! Yeah...They just might be able to! Looks aren't everything. This movie won't flop. It'll make millions like the previous "Star Wars" movies have in the past. Totally! They're supposed to be sad. The Corleones are a mob family with absolutely no morals. I'd say "Lady Sings The Blues" (1972) and "Hit" (1973). View all replies >