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Joe Lacava WOW! Well, now that the series is history... Robert Pattinson is gonna do a great job! How could they know... Anyone noticed... One weird thing for me is... Rachel's mother's passing Wow! The Starbucks cup View all posts >


But to be fair, he was given a fair warning. He refused to apologize, so he got what he had coming to him, case closed. I agree. People who are high school aged and up anyway. That's because they are a bag of shit. I'd say it was Bell. She did point out that she had the evidence in her vagina. mm, kay! They knew what they were doing. A lousy ending, I agree. Definitely not a comedy. How'd you like it if women like them barged into your lives? Like that matters. They were both evil as hell! 'sigh', RIP Tim, you will be missed, yes. View all replies >