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I thought it was fine. But it sure was a terrible movie. Don't get me wrong, i understand what you mean and i see how annoying this can be. But at this moment, the quality of the movie is still the one thing that matter the most to me. Well this sure brought a lot to the conversation... Who care about all that? There's only one thing that matter: wether the movie is good or not. They probably let her die in the fire. I think she did a fine job in Ma. I could care less about an actress political view. How low can she go? Probably when she decide to star in a porno. I didnt go because i didnt care about the prom. I think there was a misconception from a lot of people who thought this was going to be a Charles Manson movie. A lot of people who saw it at the same time as me seemed to believe it was. View all replies >