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Cover art. No interest ? If you love movies/film in all its forms It's simple really Captain Jellico. A sequel I would like to see. No money, who does all the jobs that suck ? View all posts >


Trading places she brilliant in it very funny. Yep that's the one with M.J.Fox it's not one to watch with your mother. So other vets don't speak for other vets but you do ? I'm a veteran and I speak for myself...it's not funny. Absolutely spot on observation. My favs of Mr Cash change every week but my personal go to's are I walk the line. Guess things happen that way. Get Rhythm. Sunday morning coming down. City of new orleans. But these could change in an instant as he did so many I love suppose it comes down to what my mood is and what I listened to last and suggestions others make, he did so much good stuff picking five is hard. No that in my opinion is Johnny Cash ,but Madonna has done some great stuff and is worth respect. How about "casualties of war" ? Not my favorite by along shot but probably effected me the most. He did eat meat it's recorded many times he ate meat in diary from those who knew him and joined him often from dinners.He did however have a digestive issue and suffered from wind and cramps from finding it difficult to digest meat and other foods. So more often than not he had a bland diet. But that's not as interesting as saying " he was a complete nutcase who caused the death of millions but he was a vegetarian and kind to animals" ! He tested poison on his own dog just before he took some himself and shot himself; not a member of petra. My take on it is; it's an informal uniform for the thieves a uniform the can easily recognize each other but not stand out in, in everyday life. So should it come to court and it was asked why they had a suit and sun glasses on they could give lots of reasons why. Where as if asked why you had a ski mask on in the middle of summer ? Maybe a bit harder to explain. Think it's more the regional dialect he's trying to do and regional accents are quite hard to pull of . It's not distinct like scouse or gordie it sounds like some kind of southern/London I think he's trying to do. But could be just me being picky as I said I don't think it's bad and I do think he's great as Billy Butcher. View all replies >