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I didn't get it either because she looked exactly the same, lol. Brad renfro did an amazing job as Huck. I was bothered that they struggled for money, and she stayed home all day playing around and not working a real job. But then wanted money to spend on frivolous stuff. She's the type of person who can't manage money and would run them into debt eventually. Me too! I refuse to believe any sane person would openly walk around naked, masturbate and have sex in front of curtainless wimdows. I found it weird they kept trying to make her appear younger when he was so old..kind of odd. Enjoyable movie, though. It makes more sense that Laurie is his sister. Gives him reason to pine over her, and validates lauries belief that he'll return for her. That doesn't line up with loris belief that he'd always come back for her though I honestly think she just wanted the cash. She admitted that she did Halloween Twenty for the money. She also always seemed ashamed of the Halloween films and tried to distance herself for years. I think she saw an opportunity in the age of remakes and ran with it..she was smart enough to know this movie would make her a ton of money. Agreed...dialogue was cringey and weak. I have no idea..seems like there'd have to be some sort of supernatural force going on with him for him to survive everything he's been through..especially as a sixty year old. The original Halloween II has always been my favorite..I love it. I thought it was true to the original, stayed with the vibe, the story made sense and tied Laurie and Michael together..and t was creepy as heck in that spooky hospital setting. That's too bad the writer and acres seem hate it, it really is a good film. The original Halloween, Halloween II and Halloween Twenty are my fave trilogy..thought they all went together nicely. He chased Jamie...Lauries daughter..played by Danielle Harris when she was pretty young..didn't kill her though, but probably would have if he'd been able to catch her. Haha the little smartarse kid was way too smart for Michael..he'd never get him, lol..I loved him It was ok, but I still very much prefer the original Halloween, Halloween II, and H20 as a trilogy. I loved Laurie in H20 and thought that was a powerful film about her facing her trauma and her past. This new one feels like a money maker. This. What is his motive? Is he just a killing machine? If he's no relation to Laurie, what's the point? Why would he stalk her in the original then come back for her in this one? He killed a lot of allisons friends but how did he know she was lauries granddaughter? If it's by chance, that's a pretty big coincidence. Ughhh yes! She was way too caracture like. It was forced and awkward watching her try to act bubbly..and those facial How was Farmigas acting? I think it holds up well. It used the timeless "bad guy stalks and hurts innocent victim" cliche, which will never die. And the technology might look different in the film, but still relevant today. Actually, scream kind of foresaw what was ahead with technology in a way. They were still friends for high school maybe to senior year,of high school? Then fell out in college..didn't talk for a few years? But in one,episode doesn't Rachel mention going to college with Monica? Wasn't Rachel kind of homely? She had an odd nose before her surgery? After her surgery is when she and Monica fell out with each other, right? Ross and Monica came from a wealthy family, it seems. Their parents might have helped them out some, or gave them a nice chunk of cash for graduations or something to put in their savings in case of emergencies. Monica was using her grandmothers rent controlled apartment. Plus, Monica was shown to be frugal and cautious. She might couponed and been really good with saving money in other areas. Chandler was also from a wealthy family. His mother was a huge, famous author. He probably had a nice chunk of change from her or access to money if he needed it. Plus, he did seem to have a good job in an office setting and even moved into a supervising position. Ross was shown to be intelligent and had a job teaching and also did work at a museum. I'm sure he made pretty good money. Phoebe was used to bumming and going with the flow..working odd jobs. She lived with her grandmother and her bills were probably low. We do see her become a masseuse so she probably made decent money and got tips as well. Joey just seemed to live off Chandler a lot, borrowing money and bumming. He did get some good acting gigs but blew his money. If he hadn't had chandler, he wouldn't have been able to make it on his own. Plus, he'd often help himself to Monica's food and her he just kind of bummed around. Rachel was also from a wealthy family. It's shown that she tries to live without her families money, so I always thought she refused money from them. She worked as a waitress making very little..her check probably barely covered her half of rent. She probably depended on Monica to pay most of the bills and provide food, etc. when she magically got that fancy fashion job I'm sure she was able to contribute more because she was making more. Out of all of them, joey and Rachel were the ones who would not have been able to live that lifestyle on their own..and maybe Phoebe, but phoebe did work As a masseuse.