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I killed more people than Stalin or Hitler, bitches! I killed more people than Stalin or Hitler, bitches! Anyone thinking Americans will rally together in a "Big War" like World War II or 9/11 are deluding themselves This is NOT a film or personal entry... why does this page exist? I recommend the Japanese 1966 film "The Face of Another" if you like this... Undead Disney botches the release of possibly the last soundtrack album by Williams Harrison Ford Trivia: What TWO FILMS with Harrison Ford were hits in 1977? The arm that snatched away the hat at the end really belongs to... Would it have worked better if Teddy... (Spoilers) View all posts >


She and anyone else can protest if their side doesn't win... just don't try to stop the certification of votes after you've lost every single court case even from members of your own party that you yourself have appointed. I sure needed some flagellation after seeing Ms. Suzee Pai (Miao Yin) in the nude. The war in Yemen (in which we backed the Saudis and which Trump went out of his way to continue funding by vetoing a bipartisan defunding bill) raged all throughout out his presidency. It was very much a proxy war. We were also on the brink of war with Iran around 2019 (I think), which was during his presidency. Trump did kill Soleimani, I'll give him credit for that, but his pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal brought us to the brink. If the mullahs had done something even more foolish than what they were already doing in the Gulf of Oman during that period we would have been at war though. As far as North Korea and Russian go, I don't think appeasing by pretending to stoke their authoritaian egos will work to bring peace IN THE LONG RUN. Miller High Life is the "Champagne of Beer" and Corbel is the "Beer of Champagne". It also cuts down on the viral load. It may not stop you from getting sick, but it could greatly affect the speed and severity of the illness. His first wife was an East Indian woman, if I recall. I think "That's the Way" from Led Zeppelin III was inspired by their relationship. No, we're talking about the one Trump actually tried to use. You see, that's what real leaders do... ignore bad advice from subordinates that will damage the country. This assumes the leader puts the country above himself, which Trump didn't do and has never done since. Brody is a Jewish name, so, unoess he was an ultra=leftwing Jew or if he just didn't identify with his Jewish roots then probably Israel. Musk's penile nature makes him the ideal expert on dickishness. Who the fuck cares who Leo dates, as long as they are of legal age? When you're 50, will you want some smug, self-righteous 20-something pricks telling you where you can and can't stick your penis? View all replies >