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Apocalypse Now: Never get out of the boat / Vinyan: Never get IN the boat. Why did Garbiel Byrne (spoiler) instead of Toni Collette? Significance of the Joni Mitchell song at the end? Does the subtitle "A New England FOLK TALE" offer a third interpretation of the film? ACO could've starred David Hemmings or Mick Jagger (interesting tidbit from Wikipedia) What's all this "the girl in this wasn't attractive" crap? An uncut version of this film is being blocked just to prove "they" still have the clout to do it. Should've just made a pelt out of Bessie and be done with it. A Scottish Goat wearing a "Game of Death" Bruce Lee jumpsuit... Should've gotten Tom Jones to sing the theme song... View all posts >


LOL. As if green tittie milk wasn't bad enough? Throwing incest into the mix would only be pouring gasoline on the fire. After denigrating the OT trio of Han, Luke and Leia in the first two sequel trilogy, films they are going to make them incestuous as well? Why not child abusers or Devil worshipers while we're at it? With all the ganja Peter was smoking he should have been possessed by the Rastafarian demon Heymon. To be fair, this film wasn't ENTIRELY devoid of jump scares - there were three that I counted. Annie was most certainly can see several massive arterial sprays with each slice. Besides, we can hear a thudding sound as soon as the sawing noise stops. The mother said it herself during the dinner table confrontation scene: "No one ever takes responsibility for anything" - which ironically included herself as well. Let's not forget the Joni Mitchell song at the end of the movie. That has to mean something. It doesn't seem to relate to the overt plot point of the film, but seems to be suggesting something. What? She is a Midichlorian in human form. "There was something funny about about the way he started to beat the shooter on the dirt road, it was as if Will was trying to silence the adult man before he could say anything or reveal anything about Will. " That doesn't work because Will told Paul not to shoot the guy and reproached him for doing so afterwards saying: "We could have gotten information from him!" How does that square with your theory? Let me add some fuel to the "Lucifer" theory. Note scene with the published played by Derek Jacobi (at 27:37), where he states states: "They sat there for over THREE hours. There were still there when I left at SIX." 3 sixes = 666. As the mysterious stranger Burton sits with in the park is never positively identified in the film, and neither is the identity of "L", we are left wondering. When Burton looks down in the park he says "extraordinary" and goes down and talks to this person. How did he know the identity of this person, as he/she was sitting facing away from him and wearing a hat? And why did he say it was "extraordinary"? The painting in the bedroom of Harford's daughter Helena is quite appears to be the shape of a flaccid penis and the word "sex". View all replies >