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MovieChat Poll. Has Ukraine lost (or is it losing) the war? Y or N? Slackly written, directed, and photographed... Happy 90th Birthday! I find the relatively low rating of this film inexplicable. 1950, The Year of the Unreliable Flashback(s): Rashomon and Stage Fright How can Han Solo not have heard of Jedi and the Force... Highest Body Count of any Trek movie? Her 1962 to 1978 run was nearly flawless... Is the Moonraker song really about Jaws and Dolly (the girlfriend)? Tatsuya Nakada vs. Toshiro Mifune (0-3-1) View all posts >


...and get laid last? LOL Scapegoat for what? "Trump needs to show us who's boss and that he was subjected to harassmemt and humuliation by greedy and apathetic jerks." Said the greedy and apathetic jerk. Trump was friends with Bill and Hilary and his daughter Ivanka was friends with Chelsea. Trump even once said in an interview that he thought "Hilary would make a good president". Then there is Trump's friendship with Epstein whom he lived very close to in Palm Beach for several years. Bill Barr was Trump's AG at the time Epstein suddenly died in prison. Bill Barr's father Donald Barr appears to have hired Epstein for his first job at the Dalton School in Manhattan shortly before leaving for another school. Trump's labor Secretary Alex Acosta was the one who arranged the "sweet heart deal" for Epstein in South Florida. But Trump simply couldn't be compromised for... reasons. Trump will have his regeneration in the final episode and Ron De Santis will become the new Doctor. What's the connection between Communist economic theory and American classified document protocol? I don't see the connection between and I don't think too many other people do either. What Christians? I see a lot of power hungry creeps hiding behind the Bible and waving flags. Simple. Despite their sanctimonious holy-than-thou exterior, they like winning even more (as do most Americans). The net result of Trump's presidency was a 6-3 Supreme Court (plus many other judges appointed by Trump), plus ultra-conservative officials in many state governments. If the cost is Trump or some-one very much like installing themselves as a dictator then there are many that seem willing to pay it. Having principles is all well and good, but winning is not just everything but the only thing. Thief, Freebie and the Bean Look how they massacred my boy! View all replies >