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Latest U.S.A COVID 19 Death Toll Predictions... MovieChat Politics Poll: "Boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics?" My English teacher friends still in China... USA 18,860 / Italy 18,490 (America wins its first World Cup) The CCP is Hard At Work Wiping the Truth Once Again What day this week will the United States pass up Italy and take the #1 spot? Bob Dylan's latest song "Murder Most Foul" 6.7 Rating already... My Prediction: Xi, Trump and Johnson... View all posts >


Yes, she had a sexy voice too. How could I forget? Major "worm sign". 65K if we're lucky, 100K if we aren't. Since we humans have underestimated this virus at nearly every step, I am currently learning towards unlucky rather than lucky He killed Sean Connery. Son of a bitch must pay! I've been saying for several weeks now that 60,000 dead is probably our best case scenario. Looking more and more like that will come to pass. Europe (excluding Russia) is close to 100,000 dead already. How closely will we track with them? That is the question. These numbers don't factor in any possible autumn resurgence or a mutation, either. Looks like France will overtake Spain shortly for the number three spot. Hardly surprising since France has 20 million more people than Spain and also next door Belgium is still raging out of control. FYI Belgium has 6,000 dead with a population of only 11 million. Belgium's death rate is something like 14%. Amazing that we had only just reached 20,000 ten days ago. We are already at 44,000 now. Funny, most every Trump supporter I've heard from has done nothing but praise China for it's tough stance on Uighers and other Chinese Muslims. Maybe non-Trump conservatives view it differently, I don't know. The next time Yahoo runs a story on concentration camps in China, check out the comments section and see what you find. Which member of the "American Left" has voiced support for Chinese policies towards Muslims, specifically? Which is why a reasonable person should do both... blame China for what they did while at the same time blaming other governments for what they did (or failed to do) afterward. From what I'm hearing from expats still in China, the CCP has been almost entirely successful among their people at pivoting and shifting the narrative, blaming outsiders for any resurgence and also claiming it was the West's irresponsible actions which account for the scale of outbreaks outside of China. Because no Republican politicians have fridges or ice cream.... On your second point, I still feel that doing that would be akin to using a flame flower to rid your apartment of a single rodent. The propaganda pitch the CCP was using against Hong Kong seems at odds with the idea of a deliberate virus outbreak to stop the protests. Prior to Wuhan, they were saying that Hong Kong was destroying itself economically and using the recession as proof that the Mainland way of doing things was better than democracy, or "demoncrazy" (lol) as they put it, in Hong Kong. The two key points of their propaganda: stability and economic progress in the mainland was better than instability and recession in Hong Kong. Now, that the virus mainland China is also in deep recession (caused by their own actions) they can no longer make that argument. View all replies >