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Frank Schaeffer: "Why Trump’s Core White Supporters Won't EVER Turn Against Him" 14th Amendment, Section Three... Trump letter left for Biden at White House: Robinette? Hip-Hop (The Best of Worst Thing to Ever Happen to African-American Based Music?) Now we in South Florida are stuck with the ex-President... All the tocks have been ticked... Meanwhile, in Crazy Town... Fifteen and a half hours.... Fire at homeless encampment near D.C. Capitol building causes temporary panic... View all posts >


Theme from "Once Upon A Time in America" by Ennio Morricone: "Noodles, I slipped..." Plenty of people on the left and right radicalized enough to do something crazy already. After the W. Bush years, Messiahs R Us changed their return policy. There are no more returns or exchanges after 30 days. So they're stuck with this one. Space Truckin' (1972) by Deep Purple It's party time on the United States Cargo Star Ship Nostromo! I think we'll have some nachos before retiring to the hibernation chambers... Well, this party took an ugly turn. That's the absolute LAST time I invite Xena Murphy to one of our parties. She's a real bitch. Father Flannery: Yer muther's been tellin' me ye've been abyoosin' yerself, lad. Is dat da troof? Liam: Aye, I reckon it's true, Fadder! Father Flannery: Begora! Tat's a mortal sin ye've been committin' boy-o!. Is this so? Everything I've read so far has claimed that impeachment is not required. I'd like to have the right set of facts. I'll watch the video. Question: Would going this route lead to the same penalties described in the Impeachment clause of the Constitution, such as denial of a pension, denial of Secret Secret protection, denial of travel benefits, and other perks? If the 14th only bars Trump from future office, but leaves him with some or most of the other benefits ex-Presidents enjoy, would that be a face-saving compromise that the GOP Senate might go for? Indeed, and if Biden gets the notion that he can take it for granted that those votes will still be there in 2022 and 2024 he may be in for a rude awakening. Wow... a mistake. By the way, did you go back and insert the comma you missed, after raving about bad grammar and run-on sentences? Just curious. I'm not really interested to go back and check, not being a petty shit-head like you. Anyway, you're still wrong, still have no credibility, and have finally at the last stopped to mother jokes. And I think I'll leave the "you're" uncorrected as final "FUCK YOU", you Limey bastard. I said it to you're British fellow-propagandist, and I'll say it to you - you never had any credibility to lose. View all replies >