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"Get away from her, YOU BITCH!" Where's Sigourney Weaver when you need her? Hammond set up summer recreational courses such as seamanship for the dinosaurs on the island. artist private lives are reflected in their work all the time. Spielberg did this quite frequently (Close Encounters and E.T. come to mind). Why would making reference to having an adopted black child be any more or less "off limits" than any other subject? more of a Westworld, Jaws, Alien(s) hybrid.... but sorry... this is a good movie if you think Dern is ugly you're probably a fruitcake The Blue Fairy? Where's Mr. elcamino and his famous "tee hee" at? a mutant amphibian frog-seal... now that would be something! where do you people come up with this purient bilge? I won't say it was a hoax but it is very hard to make out what exactly is going on here. The guys in the video do look like the type, but I'll wait for further details. do tell us the parts of the film you find scary he used ISIS human sheild tactics it's what elcamino wanted... he doesn't care about voting for Kanye. He'd cheer on a Ilhan Omar candidacy if he thought it would take votes from Biden He wanted black people to vote for Kanye, you mean. [b]And the 100-250k figure was considered the best case scenario even with mitigation, as I said above.[/b] Which few wanted to accept even two months ago, despite the fact that the death totals and Western Europe were very clearly pointed in that direction. We kept being told how "Italy isn't America", which, whether true or not, totally ignored the continent-wide totals in Europe were being wracked up. She was predicted to get more votes... which she did. She should have gotten WAY MORE votes than that if she had been a likable or competent candidate (which she wasn't). If she had been that, she would have won at least one Rust Belt state and possibly Florida and thus the election. What the polls missed is that Trump would edge Hilary in all three Rust Belt states AND Florida. If all of Jill Stein's votes had gone to her she would have done just that. So he won... hurrah for him, I guess. The pollsters were arrogant in that they thought they could extrapolate very localized voting patters from a national surfeit of votes for Hillary. For better or worse, our system doesn't work that way. It shouldn't have been that close... this is all down to Hilary's many problems as a candidate and the FBI investigation being opened and closed again a week before the election. You weren't paying attention to Dr. Fauci in the briefings, obviously. The two million number was based on "no mitigation efforts whatsoever", which is an absolute worst case scenario, because every country ( even the U.S., U.K. and Brazil) did do SOME mitigation effort, albeit nowhere near enough. This is obvious also, because regardless of what any government says, people will naturally tend to be more cautious and not go out as much during a pandemic, unless the government completely covers up the virus and people aren't aware of it's existence (China, cough, cough). My point is, even a 200,000 number was considered alarmist and outrageous by many COVID skeptics not two months ago. It's possible to approve or disapprove of Trump in a poll without having actually voted in 2016, no? this guy fired his health minister and I fear the operative word her is "BLOODY" Goal post moved... duly noted. Two or three months ago people were on here furiously denying that we would even lose 20,000 people to the virus... now suddenly we're doing fabulously well because we didn't lose 2 million people. Back then, I thought we would lose 50,000 to 80,000 and was laughed away as a Pollyanna who wasn't reporting all the "good news" about Trump's handling of the virus... as it turns out it was ME who was the Pollyanna. At least I can admit I way underestimated this thing.