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I think the movie was weak in many ways, but I agree that's one major one for me too. This guy was as threatening and as cool as Gabe, his rat looking sidekick even lamer. I cannot believe that Jesse, after all he's been through and being at this point a total badass, having just choked his tormentor todd, would even let them open their mouth. I think the idea was: look, Jesse is completely a broken man if he gets pushed around by these two bits losers. But I also think, this idea doesn't work at this point: the show has been escalating violence and brutalities for 6 years, you cannot backpedal like this and think the audience will be engaged. Ok, but there's no mention of that in the movie. Also, that would make a pretty bad statement on rape victims, which is kinda like raping them again. I just think the writer and director and producers were just too stupid to even give it any logic: they're in it just for the torture porn and violence, and the expected viewer is supposed to be just as stupid as them and ask no questions. Otherwise, he's just the wrong viewer for this crap (like me). What the hell are you talking about? If the GOVERNMENTS don't do something about this, no one will. People cannot change the way energy is made or consumed, that's the number one polluter in the planet. They can merely control their consumption, but rest assured that if you need to go 3000 km away you're not gonna take a bike. So, untill the POLICIES are changed (like punishing the polluters and awarding the clean ones, for food, energy etc) nothing is gonna happen for real. estcst, I totally agree with you, and so does the vastest majority of the people on the planet. But it boils down to who's in charge making the policies, and who's in charge acts according to who's keeping them in that position. So, until there's enough awareness that these issues are crucial and need to be addressed NOW with some serious life changes, you're gonna see only mild adjustements in societies, like people driving a EV thinking they are saving the world. And laws passed with this in mind. But being negative doesn't change minds. People need positive reinforcement and peer pressure to change their habits. A kid like Greta being so gung-ho about these issues is a good place to start: she's dead serious and tries to give the good example by putting herself on the line. If this only starts changing the way people VOTE, we'll be able to see some real change. I know, that's part of the problem, and the solutions are not easy, but at least more consiousness on this matter is being risen. Ace I would agree with you, but I cannot think of anybody else who put herself as much as she did. I agree that there's many others putting A LOT of effort. I don't know if somebody is doing even more than her but the media just prefers her, I guess it's difficult to know that for certain. Anyway, I don't mean to sound like she's supergirl nor she's the only one, I'm just pointing out how amazing it is to see a kid try to change the world. If this is your way to make a pass at me, sorry but I'm not interested in you kuku. She's not the only one doing it but she really is. She's a nobody that started her strike and kept it going for a couple of years with no hope to get any attention whatsoever, yet she did it and managed to get enough attention to speak to the UN and start a worldwide strike. Of course there are many others like her, but it's easier to embrace a good cause if you're Jeff Bezos or Al Gore or even just DiCaprio, aint' it? Hey Maximmm, thanks for the link, that was an interesting story I didn't know. I'm baffled by Costner's luck on that one! And possibly, his constant refusal to read it and his friend's continuous dire situation only helped the refining and polishing process. The best way to ruin an artist's vein is give him freedom and hope. Finally we have the opinion of the poorly educated. Thanks for your 2 cents. View all replies >