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Yes, of course compared to those other series they look like heroes, Seinfeld had a group of borderline psychos. But everybody knows that, even in their own shows they are defined as that. In Friends, although the show addresses these events as "not normal", they kinda want to pass it as afterall positive stuff. I guess they might be right, it's their business and it's their life to make any decision, but I'm just arguing it could have benefitted from the opposite side of the argument, the one saying that this stuff is not really to be admired or condoned. Something innocent like Joey screwing a new girl on every show, ok it's often funny, good for him etc. But that's quite a self destructive behaviour that shows deeper problems with this guy, he barely stops in one show to just relapse in his path because of a threesome. It's probably not Friend's place to take a stance on these issues, but they tried so hard to put weird situations in their stories that it almost looked like they had a "normalization agenda". Don't need to be so defensive, man. Maybe you didn't read that it's my favorite comedy ever, pretty sure I know it better than you do so don't need to explain it to me. I was just arguing that in real life, even by today standards, any of the things I mentioned would rarely fly as being decent, proper, common, normal antics. Anybody doing any of that would be looked down upon and considered a somewhat bad person, but watched through the tv it's different. Totally there with you dude, even today I have no idea wtf is this about, yet it's crammed down my throat as some sort of classic for kids of the 80s. That scene with the radio above his head, who doesn't know that cult moment in 80s culture? Me, that's who. I hate this retro crapping attitude, where some idiot in his 20s pretends to know what he's talkin about defining the 70s about dance n drugs and the 80s about dressing as Sonny Crockett. I'm pretty sure they are fake. I have to say, letthemeatcake is often trolling and harsh in his posts, and almost always expresses himself in an offensive and trollish way. But he has a little bit of a point here, meaning: it's not very honest to complain about some past attempted abuse, that she didn't allow, but then be fine with the favors said abuser gave her in the same occasions he attempted the abuse. I mean, she could have outed weinstein then, or she could have refused to work on that project with him then, or she could have just said today "yeah, he tried to abuse me, I didn't allow it, but what can you do, it's hollywood and I had to accept that". It's like this last part of the logic is missing from her statements, the fact that she went along with that abuser, and she obviously knew that he was an abuser, because either she wanted to further her carreer, or she just knew that's the business and had no other choice. Yes I agree! We need more boosting for overweight little girls. Also imagine her jumping on a wall or climbing down a cliff, it would just look awesome on film, she could bounce like majin boo and keep raiding that tomb! All those guys were perfect for their roles, I don't think anybody, starting with great actors, could not deliver better performances in their action films. They are part of movie history, wether you like it or not. Grillo is not much of an actor himself anyway, but the problem here is he's a very poor excuse for an ACTION star. MM, talkin about this hack, I can only quote the emperor: Let the hate flow through you! I'm personally hating a lot (has been fed up for the past 20 years to be honest, since jurassic park iii and terminator iii were given to nobodys) INCOMPETENT HACKS taking over ARTISTS WITH A VISION because hollywood "producers" think that a director should be just another techincian under their control. The teaser confirmed my feelings: I don't care about this movie, it doesn't feel like the next, and (hopefully) final, chapter in the most succesfull saga in movie history. It's just another disney let's-milk-it-even-if-it's-dry-sequel like "alladin 2" or "cinderella 3": new story, same characters, no heart. I'm sure she could be very nice as a person. That applies to a big chunk of the world population, yet doesn't qualify them for a spot in the limelight. I find her particularly unfunny, as do most critics. She never had a hit of any sort. What makes her stand out is her sexual orientation only. I mean, if it wasn't for that, she would be in the category of celebrities "famous for being famous" like any kardashian. She's slightly above them because we know why she's famous. View all replies >