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I'm not sure that if you're a woman and your man is raping another woman, and you just sit there and wait for him to finish his business, knowing exactly what he's doing, and then you blame the other woman for being the rape victim, I think that makes you as much a rapist as the rapist, you would be his accessory in rape at least. They do much worse. I don't find any female character to be better than the males, Kidman's excluded. Lars is 1000% correct. As a matter of fact, I feel the same way. And women. That's not wat they are for, mainly. But it's not totally incorrect, since their size is not directly related to their use. So being big is also good for looks and softness, to be pillow-like. I think gazongas is the correct terminology. Why? That's what they are for. I find it technicality correct. Cheers! And Bacon is such a cool bad guy it's all the more important to comment on how evil this rape is. I agree, he's simply very watchable. No, it's always been a stinkin pile of dogshit. Glad you finally realized it. Well that's just fucked up. View all replies >