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What would happen in the sequel? Why this was not as big as Back to the Future? Men are victims too, about 50% of the time Interesting and not too shabby I love to sit in the corner! Limp dick remake ruins the magic Used to be very hot! I remember when Top Gun was considered crap by critics... Not remembering having any droids Why season 2? LEAVE THE GOOD STUFF ALONE! View all posts >


Yes but the usual suspects for instance, it's still awesome, difficult to say "he turned out to be a piece of shit, I'm not liking this anymore". Hitler and Mussolini have done some good stuff, are we gonna get rid of all of it as a block because they were aboninable people? I like Volkswagens (well...not really, but you get my point). It seems to me that the greatest majority of people responding to my op do NOT care anymore. But there's also a lot of other posts here with theories on what's gonna happen and how to make a decent movie to save the franchise, so maybe somebody does still care. No, I didn't say that. Where did you get that idea? I think Quaid is rarely watchable nowadays, he totally is watchable in old movies. So is Mel Gibson. I guess you are right, but I wonder who's to blame for the final result. I think it's Joe Dante's fault for not being a stronger director: he often cares too much about his toys and fx but not enough about the movie as a whole. He should have seen that, like you mentioned, the tone was a bit too mixed up, and some elements didn't belong here while others needed more. I don't agree with your take on Quaid, he was a bit unlikable but I think he was going for the 80s asshole (see Tom Cruise in top gun), who was a very popular hero at the time. I totally respected his character as a kid. We can agree to disagree but let me explain my point: time travel is more popular, but that doesn't mean it's more interesting. It kinda makes it less interesting, because it's so overdone that, when you see it nowadays in places like the avengers you think "time travel...again? Come up with something else already!". I think that altering space is as interesting a premise as altering time. I don't agree that going back in time is inherently more interesting than being miniaturized to enter the human body as a premise, but I agree with everything else you said: BTTF was the better made movie on every aspect and in every direction. I like that you picked on the Delorean: the vehicle in innerspace is as lame and uninteresting as it gets, it should have been the character in the movie exploring the human body, instead they focused on unimportant stuff like the bionic henchman or the cowboy. Ahaaha, that's the best advice from a BTTF pov, good thinking! But if you've seen the avengers and know that this theory is crap, THUS you know that there's a multiverse, you'd realize that this tip by Doc was going to fix nothing. Infact, it would just create another universe where Marty knows his kids are dicks but who knows what else changes. Instead, Doc travels to the same universe and tries to change that one, keeping that same universe with an alternate outcome after 2015. Maybe Doc likes how he turned up in 2015 and just wanted Marty to fix his kids' act. Or he just loved Jaws 19 and wouldn't want to risk losing that jewel! Yep, I had the same exact feeling as you, and I also wish they limited it more to that premise, which is very interesting and could have been explored better. Well, I don't like Quaid anymore. I guess I prefer Short nowadays, he's still ok. Anyway, I agree that they didn't age that well, but in this one they are all in top form: Meg Ryan has never looked better, nor Quaid, nor Short. And they have great chemistry. I think the bad guys were weak. Yes he needed all kinds of hoes this old dirty man View all replies >