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Vaccines are medicines, hence can also have adverse effects Only exists because she is the daughter of What will happen when Trump loses the election to his MC trolls ? Trump repeats that 2024 election will also be rigged! It hits the spot! Where is Aloy? Awful derivative crap Awesome video! Both main guys are pieces of shit IRL Awesome actor View all posts >


Yes, that could have been something awesome. Lynch's version also shows glimpses of what a strong vision and a pair of balls can bring. Villeneuve seems to lack personality with or against the system: he gets his scifi shots and he's happy to be subdued about everything else. He needs to learn how to develop interesting characters and themes if he wants to stick to this kind of filmmaking. This thread makes no sense and is unnecessary. Nope, she's a cuntt Prrrrrrrrrrrrr! Why? Is being "happier" to you more important than being right? Like I said, it's a goof that could have taken little to fix. Why not fixing it makes you happier? I looked, things are exactly the same. Being anti-vaccine is still not reliable. Imagine his face when they told him later on! You are a pathetic excuse for the oxygen you waste. You have no argument to debate here, you just troll with insults this website- and planet. Cuz she is in this. It's self explanatory. View all replies >