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Is there a fan edit that fixes the last season? Anybody disappointed by this movie? Too pretty Ruined by the bait and switch Carletto is the greatest Hagiography without balls Is this the moment Nick Cage went bonkers? Data is setting booty traps. How about more spying and brains, less ott action? No Top Gun soundtrack, don't bother View all posts >


The final season showed how useless the script writers were without the book. :hence the fan edit.... Preys have outstanding peripheral vision, not predators, you ignorant. No, I am more impressed by it now than I was in the 80s. But I cannot imagine what it must be to watch it after all the sequels, it is such a different perspective than knowing this for decades before the newer ones. What made you feel unimpressed? Did you have greater expectations? I saw it closely to ep 5 and 6, and found the fantastic elements of the other two to be more intriguing and impressive, details that created a whole universe like the cloud city or the asteroid with a giant worm. ANH was kinda flat and not very daring in that sense. Because in the 70s or 80s, there was no porn.... Thanks for the report. How about the sfx or the limited action, compared to flying jedis and space cities and cgi aliens? All the covid and wars, such a loss... The whole movie is forced down its script. Stalking Claire was the stupidest and most forced bit of all. A random encounter would have improved it quite a lot, but again, why the hell would he not run the opposite direction the second he identifies her? He simply had ZERO reasons to be near this girl, other than a deathwish. Yes it seems like they wanted her character to appear more mature than her biological age, to make her more dangerous than a mere "girl". JFK? FUCK OFF DUDE. That's an awesome film, entertaining from start to finish. View all replies >