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The way he talks to them n the way they talk. Typical Kubrick moralism, sex is man fucking the poor woman, not equal fucking. Yes, precisely. And when a pet harms someone, and gets put down, the owner of such pet is held responsible too. Unfortunately they don't get put down too, but they are held accountable for the actions of their pet. Exactly because THEY are the ones responsible for any harm caused by their pets, who acts following its instincts, not human laws. It's the human master that should respect the other humans. Anyway, this movie is seen from a very small minded and old fashioned view, with humans at the center of the universe and every other creature existing only to be exploited. I think they need to crank up the investigation and the lone man swimming against the system, and keep it small, rather than the action hero saving some little girl (we don't even care about) fighting the CIA etc. In the opening of this turd, they get the idea with him arresting those corrupted cops. I wish the whole movie was like that. Collateral had that similar "I'm a professional, and with my training I can anticipate and deal with shit that regular joes don't even dream of". Although in that one the regular Joe actually cought up. Did you like the first one? I did, if they make a new one as good, I would watch it gladly. Yes, I'm 1000% positive, same way I would put a lion back in the wild. Or should we kill them all because that is using "reason"? What kind of ignorant statement are you trying to make? Was she? I thought she was average at best, as always. She's quite the hot woman, never seen her sexy in anything she's ever been in. She always tries to be a "tough babe", never convincingly (never seen any decent stunt or moves). She's never charming, nor how was she great? To oogle at? Yes, but they could still manage to get back the goods in a third episode. It totally was, from the ground up, a Titanic wannabe. Don't you remember or were you not there? Most films are not accurate nor objective. The point of most film is beyond agreeing with their message. Boh, he was great, no doubt. But in this movie even Sheen and Dillon seem great! Dafoe is as great as Berenger, in my book. They improve each other's performance with their contrast. View all replies >