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All your fable are belong to us Only way to save this shitty movie is... Who has the stupidest hairdo? Always hated Barbie (and Big Jim) Simply THE best Mamma mia! It's-a awful! Was Lester behavior criminal? Sorry, but this game is AWESOME! Mckenna is a stupid first name Tits plot hole View all posts >


So when do you think it becomes a reason to be concerned? When its gravity pulls the moon ok? Not as cool. Asians all have straight black hair, nothing that new. But if it's Jackie Chan pulling off some crazy moves, I'm all for it. She knows what all these AI programmer types do in their free time. Not everybody does that like she does. Thank God! DickusBiggus, like you said, the mistake was to come back. But NOT because after both trilogies he was "done". But because he SHOULD HAVE kept going with them when they still had the right energy and inspiration. ROTJ is a good end for that epic, but IF there was a time to eplore what Han Solo does after the empire falls, it was then, not with that JarJar Abrams crapfest where he is seriously too old for this shit. Indy is even a worse offender: the whole concept of Indiana Jones was "007 the adventurer". It was set up as a series of adventures since the beginning. Raiders feels like it. TOD too, although they were already going in the wrong direction with the prequel idea. Last Crusade was, again, stepping in the wrong direction, with the introduction of the "young Indiana Jones" so that Lucas could go on and make a shitty tv series. Wasn't THIS already THE Indiana Jones series? Why the fuck did he think he needed a cheap parallel TV shitfest? That was WHEN they should have kept making another 3 or 4 movie episodes with Ford, possibly 2 in the 90s and 2 in the 00s. Connery and Moore made 7 007 movies each. Indiana Jones could have gone the same, respectable, route. What actually happened to it since 89 is a total debabacle, caused by the makers wrongly thinking they had better things to do. Oscars~SHIT Yes, ok all the fake nicety from every other celeb is revolting. But a not grouchy person could have picked a different shtick than "grouchy", there are tons of others, including "no shtick at all". That's a good sign of a person who IS really grouchy. Look harder. Well,they are amazing action movies. It's no Bergman nor Fellini, if that's what you mean. But they are still aimed at adults. Unlike kids fare like The Goonies or Harry Potter or Pokemon. View all replies >