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I agree. Dave's still an A-1 social commentator, but now, he's just a B level comedian. Maybe he realizes it and that's why he said this would be his last for a long time. Harlem Nights is a damn classic. Screw those people 1. I think they realized that even if he escaped, nothing would happen. The whole point of the movie is that the people who run our society are arrogant and even if Billy told the whole world about what he saw, nobody would believe him, so I think killing him was just more trouble than it was worth. They'll find someone else to feed on like they always do 2. I think Billy understood at that moment what he had to do. He knew they were setting him up, but he knew that he was going to have some sort of resolution one way or the other as well Well, I've heard it was a success in Europe, but I think that America wasn't ready in 1989 for the type of class discussions this movie encouraged. I know this question was asked a long time ago, but I just watched this and man is this one of the gayest movies of all-times. No hate, but there's a lot of sex and genital closeups here. It was jarring. I'm guessing that's about the culture in Iran more than anything. In America or a western country, we would never do that, but maybe in a country with a theocratic bent, people believe that who are hired to help them would never do something untoward to their child, based on the morals & culture of that country. It's about how much you trust your society. He didn't have to get it like that. Oh, I agree with you. That war is lost Me too. It's a fun, light-hearted suspence-thriller, if that makes any sense. Zola's a hell of a story-teller. I don't even care if it's partially fake, it's entertaining. LMAO at a dude named "Gingerbread Pimp" being mad at this movie. What, are you "X" or something? View all replies >