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You gotta remember, they've all been living with Mabel for 10, 15 years. Living with somebody who's prone to just go off at the drop of a hat or if you're her husband, you can't even stay over at work without her bringing some random guy home and banging him in your bed has to take a toll on everybody involved. I mean, a lot of guys (I mean most) would've left a woman like that years ago. I agree. I'm not Chinese or even Asian at all, but this movie is so well made that we can see our family members and ourselves in all of these people. Might be the best movie I've seen in 2019. I mean, she's a comedienne/rapper, who's just now going into drama. I'm sure if she had known she'd be doing dramas and stuff when she was on "Girl Code", she might have given herself another name You are so right. I didn't know who the woman was who played Lady Reed, so I didn't talk about her, but she was great and really was the heart & soul of the film. I don't know anything about soccer/football, but I really liked this doc and felt that it's subject was well worth the documentary treatment. No, they didn't need Vince & Hulk if they were going to tell the whole truth about Andre and his life. They definitely needed Vince if they were gonna make a glamorized piece of WWE propaganda It wasn't just about Andre though. It was about WWE, that's why they spent disproportionate amount of the time talking about Wrestlemania III. This was a film made by a WWE stooge in Simmons that sought to minimize most of his career and spare WWE any responsibility for how he ended up. City of God Los Ojos de Julia The Body Cronicas Violet Perfume: No One Is Listening The Rose Seller Elite Squad Elite Squad II Aquarius A Fantastic Woman Talk To Her All About My Mother Who The Hell Is Juliette? Roma The Hidden Face Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Rosario Tijeras Octavio a "gentleman"? Like seriously, dude's a dog-fighting scammer, who fucked his brother's wife. Yeah, he was better than Ramiro, but that's not saying anything. Judy Bernly - Jennifer Garner Violet Newstead - Aubrey Plaza Doralee Rhodes - Jessica Simpson Franklin M. Hart Jr. - Jim Carrey View all replies >