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I agree. The Buu saga is the weakest saga of the series. The story is all over the place and Buu doesn't maintain a consistent personality throughout his numerous transformations. However, Super Buu (with Gohan absorbed) is the strongest of all the Buus so he was way stronger than Kid Buu. Loki died in order to further develop Thanos as the new baddie, and to give closure to the narrative arc from [i]The Avengers[/i] in which Loki served at the behalf of Thanos and ultimately failed. Also, the Red Skull was never killed on the plane. He was transported somewhere in space via the Tesseract/Space Stone. We find out now that he was taken to Vormir. As noted earlier, Olivia De Havilland is still alive. Mickey Kuhn who played Beau Wilkes (Ashley and Melanie's son) is still alive, too. I saw the movie on Blu-Ray last winter and the picture was close to perfection. Other than that, good for them. Physical media beats Internet streaming any day. This political correctness has gone too far. The Towering Inferno (7/10) The Poseidon Adventure (7/10) Airport (7/10) Earthquake (6/10) "You're No Good" "Blue Bayou" "Hurts So Bad" Sicario No Country for Old Men Milk "I Walk the Line" "Ring of Fire" "Folsom Prison Blues" "It Ain't Me Babe" "Jackson" Lung cancer is never a blessing. Rush may have brought it on himself with his years of cigar smoking, but I hope his health turns around. View all replies >