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I had forgot that Feige had said that. If someone is mind-controlled by the Scepter/Mind Stone, their eyes turn bright blue like Hawkeye and Selvig did. Loki didn't have that feature so it seems he was well-aware of what he was doing. However, there's an argument that when the Mind Stone is activated, it amplifies one's inner emotions to the surface, as seen when Bruce Banner was becoming increasingly angrier when he was near the Scepter in [i]The Avengers[/i]. So, perhaps, the Scepter did have an influence on Loki. Of course not. It was argued in court and the Connecticut state attorney decided not to pursue it. Well, he definitely looks the part. 2016 was actually his second time running. He ran under the Reform Party in 2000. It's my favorite film from David Lynch. I'm surprised Delroy Lindo wasn't nominated. Sadly, there's no room left for [i]Da 5 Bloods[/i] when Netflix is pushing more for Mank, The Trial of the Chicago 7, and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom to be nominated in the top-tier categories. He's not that Tom Moore. Rest in peace, Sir Thomas. Thank you for being an inspiration and symbol of hope for all of us to look up to. It was the name of the tour. On the front of the bus, it read "Almost Famous-Tour 73". My opinion is pretty much the same. It's one of the better DC films. Gal Gadot shines as Wonder Woman, and the love story between her and Steve Trevor is nice. Still, the last act is weak with the final battle and everything. [i]Iron Man 2[/i] was pretty much disappointing. I disagree. Kurt Russell would have been a good Bruce Wayne/Batman. Granted, I think he would have played Batman similar to how he played Snake Plissken. [i]The Batman[/i] was originally scheduled for 2021. I doubt it would have been Godzilla vs Kong or Bill and Ted 3. He is clearly the President, although it's not intended to be Reagan despite the mention of "Star Wars" (also known as the Strategic Defense Initiative). Didn't Maxwell tell Barbara that he found a loophole to the "one wish" rule? It was a side effect of her second wish to be an apex predator. People downvoting the rating with a 1 is a huge factor. In my opinion, the movie had a messy story and less-than-developed character motivations, but [i]Suicide Squad[/i] is the nadir of the DCEU. It's official. It's a Christmas tradition. I know they sure didn't adapt the "Captain America...Commie Smasher" comics. No, there is only one Soul Stone. In the timeline now altered by the Avengers, the Soul Stone has been disintegrated, but time-traveling to the past would yield one person the stone if they make the ultimate sacrifice.