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He was originally attached as producer. His range is limited, but he sure can sing. Rio Bravo The Big Sleep To Have and Have Not The Untouchables Scarface Blow Out The Sound of Music The Man Who Would Be King The Insider West Side Story Would you be kind enough to share the reason(s) why you don't like it? 1. Cliff at the Spahn Ranch 2. Rick's breakdown on set 3. the Manson Family's attack on Rick and Cliff Additional gems: - Cliff and Rick's natural chemistry - The soundtrack - Sharon Tate watching [i]The Wrecking Crew[/i] in theaters I wanted to like [i]Wrinkle in Time[/i] after I read the book, which was beautifully written by the way, but I couldn't. The CGI was distractingly bad, the screenwriter diluted the book's original message, and I wasn't impressed with one of the child actors. Ishtar, 5/10 Love, Gilda, 8/10 Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes, 8/10 RBG, 7/10 A Wrinkle in Time, 5/10 Fanny Minafer from The Magnificent Ambersons Rest in peace, Valerie. You will be missed. Col. Nicholson from [i]The Bridge on the River Kwai[/i] Just watch the animated film and don't bother watching the remake because it's largely the same movie. Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, Planet of the Apes, and Touch of Evil Tough choice, but I think I prefer the solo superhero films. That was a great finale. I even shed a tear. Being John Malkovich Moon (2009) Source Code The Man Who Fell to Earth The Truman Show Primer The Box (well, it was adapted into an episode for the 1980s iteration of [i]The Twilight Zone[/i]). $217 million in the United States; $504 million worldwide "A Whole New World"