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Botox commercial The broken plate with the bird food Ninety Years Without Slumbering Just say no to meetings I’ve been screwed again So he moves to California and abandons the squirrel A Christmas Carol Part II Wouldn’t they be closer to early 2000s? Land must have been very cheap Original ending View all posts >


For low cost items I have the same philosophy as Jerry: God no. Have you ever seen American Beauty? I’m curious why they casted a famous attorney, Melvin Belli, instead of a regular actor to play the main villain. Except maybe of course because lawyers are in general considered villains. :-) I’m a doctor, not a brick layer. From what I have heard is that when the show was being created that Carol and Harvey made it clear to Vicki that she would be carrying the show. I knew who Vicki Lawrence was from The Carol Burnett Show before they spun off the character into her own show. When I first heard about the accident I thought he had just had an accident while riding a snowmobile. I didn’t realize how big the piece of machinery was until a few days or a week later. No As soon as the Borg were defeated the first time they lost their fear factor. View all replies >