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Beware the Ides of March Very distinctive voice US box office just inched pass Aquaman They used Bon Ami Women in theatrical opening credits I look forward most to the fanfare Cuffing season Pop ups Returned to select IMAX theaters for one week Could have been separated in modern times View all posts >


I remember back in the late 70s there were PSA commercials called FYI that featured Hal Linden from Barney Miller fame. The one I remember most was about the spread of the common cold. Apparently there was research at the time where they had sick individuals with colds sneezing and coughing on healthy people and the transmission rate wasn’t very high. Instead the main cause of transmission was a sick person rubbing their nose, touching an object, a healthy person touching the same object and then rubbing their nose. I don’t know if that research has held up over the past 40+ years but considering that any infected droplet would have to travel from the sick person’s nose and mouth to the healthy person’s nose and mouth out of all possible trajectories I would think the rubbing of the nose would be a more efficient way to pass the illness. I’ve never had interest in seeing the first one so I’m probably not the person to ask. But it does seem odd that Cameron waited over 10 years to make all these sequels unless he is developing some new technology. I remember going to a tea tasting once and them describing that the tea in bags comes from the part that falls through the gaps of the conveyor belt onto the floor. I never understood the appeal of either Cher or Liza Minnelli when they were still young. Feeling any better? Because concessions is where theaters make their money. Except for movies with long runs they don’t make much from the movie itself since most of that money goes to the studios for the first few weeks. I usually buy Hebrew National hot dogs that used to come 7 to a pack but now only come as 6 to a pack. I’m wondering if the retirement rate is going to go up. The head engineer that runs the lab I work in decided to stop coming to work until the crisis is over. He is in his 60s and said it wasn’t worth the risk. But this crisis might go on until a vaccine is developed. There is a film from the early 70s called Watermelon Man that I didn’t expect to be very good but was surprised. View all replies >