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Soundtrack by AC/DC? The moment he started to turn? Anyone feel sorry for the red haired kid? Gunter gleiben glauchen globen Favorite inspirational scene in a movie Rawhide: The tragic story of trail boss Gil Favor Hurricane Dorian’s Bullseye Song you consider your life’s anthem I’m just looking forward to the Plinkett review This time the red pill... View all posts >


If I’m not mistaken I think my cable box boots up with a Technicolor splash screen after a power outage. If I’m by myself I watch from the very beginning of the movie to the very end when the screen goes blank. If I’m on a date I leave when my date wants to leave. I once had an idea of a bank heist movie where the robbers disguised themselves as the Banana Splits because I figured they would be an obscure 70s reference. So it is kind of funny to me that they were adapted into a horror movie. I think Michael Keaton would have been interesting as the Joker. I remember browsing a magazine article around ‘87 or ‘88 that mentioned Dafoe as a possible Joker along with Nicholson so I assume he was in serious contention. Maybe the Millennium Falcon will go underwater like the Enterprise did. There’s a good movie with Jeff Bridges about Tucker from 1988. I love when Morticia speaks French :-) Veronica Lake was definitely one of the main inspirations for Jessica Rabbit with the peekaboo hair cut. 400 years in the future since they should be able to cure baldness by then. :-) View all replies >