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Two thousand two zero party over oops out of time It’s a Festivus Miracle!!! Is this based on the life of Ernest T. Bass? Best song to be playing when your time is up The power of having one good friend Wasn’t this already a TV show from the early 80s I’m surprised they released it during the pandemic Had a hard time making out what the characters were saying Anyone having trouble with US Post Office? The single most important issue of our times View all posts >


Signal 30 was featured in an episode of Mad Men Don Henley is one of my mortal enemies. He stole Maren Jensen from me. I think so was this Levis meets the Partridge Family commercial from the late 90s Denholm Elliott is one of my favorites. Claude Rains is always fantastic. I saw a few episodes of this anthology series a few years ago on one of the retro channels I remember buying the Crossroads soundtrack in 1986 for the Steve Vai guitar duel and then found out they excluded it from the soundtrack. The Pocket Fisherman I mostly avoid it since I have more important things to do than to talk about lawncare. View all replies >