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When Olivia beat up Joey the class bully for picking on her best friend, Lucas I don't think Rick really loved Terri I don't think Rob really loved Sarah Warning Signs of Abuse in Sarah's relationship with Rob Warning Signs of Abuse in Terri's relationship with Rick View all posts >


Yeah and Paige should have had either Hazel, Jimmy or Spinner take Terri home when she defended Rick against her in the park the day he put her in a coma. I thought it was so messed up since telling Terri to go after Rick for defending him against her were the final words Paige will ever have to live with telling Terri. It will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. When Alex, Jane and Sukie were using their magic to get rid of him and he was like, "Girls, girls, what are you doing?", he was trying to get them to stop. I know right. Paige did the right thing. She was about to marry the wrong guy. Well she was about to marry the wrong guy. What I meant by what I aksed was that Tamlyn Tomita was one of those Japanese American actors who came from Japan and Yuji Okumoto and Traci Toguchi aren't. And what I meant when I said that Tamlyn was from Japan was that she was born there and then immigrated to the USA as an infant where she was raised and the part of Japan she was born in is Okinawa where KK2 and the 4th and 5th episodes of the 3rd season of Cobra Kai took place and the part of the USA she immigrated to as an infant and where she was raised is California. I was asking why it is that Tamlyn Tomita is from Japan and Yuji Okumoto and Traci Toguchi aren't even though they're all Japanese. Yes, we are! Because I think Paige did the right thing. She fell in love with the right guy and dumped the wrong guy. When the fiance's father said, "I like that girl," his mother give him a look saying "But she just humiliated our son on this joyous holiday with some bullshit about some guy who rented her an SUV back in Buffalo." Me neither. I'm glad Paige humiliated him on that joyous holiday with that stuff about a guy named Dylan who rented her an SUV back in Buffalo. When Lindsay got sent to detention after getting into a fight with Siedleman the class bully to help a girl he was bullying, it taught us a lesson on how to behave at school. Learning how to get help from a teacher or a principal to help someone who is getting bullied is the lesson and using your fists or hurting others is not acceptable. View all replies >