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Her character from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda If I were watching this movie with Tahnee Welch's mother, Raquel If it was just Ben Cross' character in this movie who was killed and not Tahnee Welch's character in this movie Cocoon Laura Harris as Ashley Fraiser Stacie Mistysyn Danny Tanner and Jackson Fuller Go Tigers The Other Woman You've Got A Friend View all posts >


Me: Well, why did you marry him and have a baby with him, Erin? Edward might have ended up looking demonic/freaky looking and Esmeralda may hate Edward so much because she thinks he's an abomination of mankind/creation where a scientist made him but he was really a very nice guy. And also when she told Edward not to come near her, what did she think he was gonna do when he approached her? In one scene where Esmeralda asks the Boggs' if they strayed so far from the path and Edward tries to explain to her that he and the Boggs' weren't sheep, she slowly backs away and tells him not to come near her. Yeah and except in one scene, Lydia was like to her, "Mom, can we just go?" Yes! She thought they were behind it. I commented on that scene on YouTube saying that Tahnee Welch who played Kitty in the film looks so much like her mother, Raquel and I got a reply saying that Steve Guttenberg who played Jack in the film looked so much like his Uncle Nigel. I don't know if that's an uncle on his mother's side of the family or his father's side of the family. Does anybody know? I read her biography on the IMDB that she stopped doing interviews for the movie, Cocoon because she was tired of answering questions about her mother and I wonder if that meant that she was also tired of people telling her how much she looked like her mother. I know right. When Ellen won that dance scholarship to that prestigious art school in Paris, I guess she just had to accept that scholarship. Yeah and they deserve to lose. View all replies >