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Oh, I see. It does but I don’t think it was him. He wouldn’t waste his time coming anywhere near this show. Well it <i>is</i> a horror movie. They’re supposed to do stupid things. The next order of business is <b>cancellation</b>! Ship’s going down, folks! Good luck finding it. Even YouTube ignores this show. But if you manage to find it in the darkest corner of the internet... or Narnia... or Never Never Land.. you’ll split your sides! It was EPIC! HAHA! So tacky! Like, having co-hosts call each other bitches on-air is <b>so</b> tacky. Oh wait, that was on ABC. I swear, this show is SO drying my brain cells! Tee hee! Anywayz, yeah, so tacky and <b>cheap</b>! You would know all about that (and being a brainless dipshit applauding at everything your brain dead mistress oinks) and you’re just <b>totes</b> right. Mmm hmm! Like yeah! The budget is so low... they probably give stale candy to the winner. LOL! Speaking of Big Brother... I heard it’s <b>finally</b> getting the ole heave ho. How that boring crap... made it past one season is beyond me. These chicks don’t want to talk about it because... they’d have to mention the Chenbot and remind the five viewers about what her husband did. Like they don’t already know. So dumb... Every single one of them. Like LOLZ! Haha! Totally awks! Did you see their faces after he said that?! If looks could kill... View all replies >