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I‘m not the OP, but thank you for the recommendation! I bought it, read it, and can only second this for anyone else looking for GN to read. This story was absolutely beautiful (and yes, had me in tears during and after; absolute must to read the ‚after word’ as well!) Thanks It’s a bad comparison though. A better one would be, you order a dish in a restaurant that you never tasted before- you don’t like it- but the dish is still the way it’s supposed to be. Or you go to an art gallery and don’t like or understand the famous center piece that all the fuzz is about. The point is - writing a television show is art. Open to criticism, sure, but with opinions on both sides. Nobody is going to walk into a obviously damaged house and say that the electricity is fine when the light doesn’t come on. Different cup of tea. Actually it would not be the builders fault but the architect and inspectors... It was mentioned before (don’t remember the season/episode) that „The Hand“ never gets mentioned in historical records. And he was The Hand of 3 different rulers. You can search for it on YouTube- there are even some reviews with some deleted scenes/fotos. Well it’s based off „The Pied Piper (of Hamelin)“ Story. If you don’t know it short version: Set in the middle ages; a town was plagued by rats, a pied piper came and told the town he‘d rid them of the rats for x amount of gold, town folks agreed; he takes his magic flute and the rats follow, he crosses a river and all the rats drown. But when he asks for his payment they refuse to pay the agreed on amount. So one night he plays his flute and all of the towns children come out and follow him, never to be seen again. The interesting thing about this is that the town really had a mysterious disappearance of (I think it was)130 children in, don‘t quote me on this but sometime in June 13-7something. The towns ledger started a few years later and laments the loss of 130 children. The town had a window in the church which also talked about the missing children. Even in ledgers of nearby towns it’s written that on x day x amount of children where lost. But nowhere does it say why. So of course it’s been a source of rumors and speculations. There are some who say that it must have been something the town felt guilty about; there supposedly was a drought during that time so some think that the kids where sacrificed in nearby hills; or drowned in the river; the most accepted answer by historians is that they just left to emigrate to other places; The rats and piper parts where added sometime in the 1500s. Today the town fully embraces the Pied Pieper/Rats Version. They have a theater play in the historical center of the town that I believe is every two weeks on the weekends during the summer time - for free, for the tourists. It’s actually really good. Of course this has nothing to do with the show other than that the show obviously was inspired by this story. They had a bad smell in town, ‚Mr. Pfeiffer‘ gets rid of it, doesn’t get paid, takes the kids away... Of course, for the kids, no denying it, it also has Lord of the Flies elements There are more shows on HBO than just GOT. So one has nothing to do with the other. If he just bought HBO for GOT it goes back to: if you don’t like it...don’t order it. So you just reply to that part, how you prefer to discuss things (which, I can respect your opinion, even though there is a difference between the comparisons you and I made...yes, I used your words to make another example but you just completely made one up) but not to the actual subject at hand? Your reply makes no sense. That’s not even the same thing. The talk was not about someone else doing a reboot (which usually is many years after it’s done and with other actors etc - I doubt that would make GOT fans any happier). Or is the petition actually for HBO to redo everything with new writers and a new cast? My point was that it would be crazy for them to redo it with these writers and cast right now just because some people didn’t like the way it was portrayed/ended. It would not solve anything anyway because even if they would do it, it still wouldn’t make everyone happy...why would they waste money and time on that? Edit: and how do you get from it being crazy to having to redo your own (8 year, mind) work, if you and your boss and thousands of fans are happy, just because some others criticize you for it - to: if you do redo your work it should be illegal? The point is that they are happy with it and don’t want to redo it...and shouldn’t have to just because some people don’t like their vision... You are right about the friendships. He can count himself lucky. About having to wait. Well... you can always read the books. The book readers also have to wait for the next book, but it’s still several seasons ahead of the show. View all replies >